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What to Wear in Milan in July

What to Wear in Milan in July

Are you wondering what to wear in Milan in July? Milan is the fashion capital of Italy, so in this guide we will tell you how to look stylish in the heat as a tourist in this amazing city.

How hot is Milan in July?

Summer in Milan is hot hot hot and historically speaking, July is the hottest month of the year in Milan.

The average high temperature in July tends to be around  30.7°C/ 87.2°F as the average high and have an average low of 19C/ 66°F which can make touring in the heat somewhat uncomfortable.

Milan Cathedral in July
What to wear in Milan in July

It may be tempting to fill your capsule wardrobe with items that show more flesh, however this isn’t something that the locals tend to do. You are better with loose flowing clothes made of natural fabric to fit in more with the locals.

This is also more appropriate for those who want to visit the Cathedral in Milan, which like all Italian churches has a strict dress code.

Note: remember the temperature fluctuates greatly between months check out our monthly florentine guides:

Does it rain a lot in July in Milan?

Milan in July is actually quite dry with only an average of 5 days of rainy weather across the entire month. And when the rain does come it tends to be in showers rather than deluges. Therefore you don’t need to be overly concerned with packing waterproof wear and umbrellas if traveling to the city July.

What to Wear in Milan in July

July in Milan is undoubtedly hot. Therefore when looking at the pieces we have added to the below Milan Women’s packing list for summer we recommend choosing things made of natural rather than man-made fabrics such as

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Silk

If you do decide to pack linen be sure to check out our guide on how to pack linen to prevent wrinkles.

What to wear in Milan in July for Women

Woman in Milan in July
What to wear in Milan in July

Longer length skirts and dresses

Short skirts and dresses are always on my what not to wear in Italy list and this even includes the fashion capital that is Milan. This is because it isn’t the local style and is not appropriate for days you plan on visiting churches in Milan which have a strict dress code.

For this reason we recommend picking items of a midi and maxi length instead. Skirts and dresses of this length work both for touring during the day but also transition well to night along with a statement piece of jewelry.

Shop dresses for Italy here.


July in Milan is hot therefore we recommend trousers made from linen and cotton. This will help reduce the sweat and keep you cool.

And we definitely don’t recommend jeans for Milan in Summer. Denim is just too hot for July in the city. Shop summer trousers here.


A loose blouse works perfectly for Milan both for touring and for evenings.

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T Shirt

I always pack a few t shirts when visiting Milan no matter the time of year. SHort sleeve t shirts are most appropriate for this time of year.

You can also wear tank tops however oyu would need to pair this with a pashmina or cardigan in order to enter a church.

We also recommend plain t shirts over loud colors and those with graphics or slogans to be in more keeping with the locals.


Thick jumpers are not necessary for summer in Milan but a lightweight cardigan is a good pick for evenings and churches.

PJs or Nightie

Lightweight pyjamas and nighties are perfect especially as much of the accommodation in Milan does not have air conditioning. Therefore lightweight lounge and nightwear is an essential.


The sun in bright in Milan whatever month you visit however they are an essential item on your Milan summer packing list.

Just be sure that whatever pair you select has good UV protection.


I always recommend taking a sun hat if you are visiting Milan in summer. Wide brimmed hats are very popular choices for summer in Milan and make for very cute instagram photos.

Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying. We will talk in a later section about the best shoes for Milan, however we recommend bringing sneaker socks with you to help reduce odour in your shoe after a long day sightseeing in the city

What to pack for Milan in July for Men

Men should follow the same guidance as woman when putting together their capsule wardrobe. Select loose pieces and natural fabrics where possible

For this reason we recommend packing the below items:

Chinos/Linen Trousers

Chinos and linen trousers are perfect for men in July. While jeans should be left at home as these will just be too hot to sightsee in the the city in. Shop men’s Trousers for Italy here.


Shorts are a great pick for men in the city. Just don’t try and wear them into a church. They aren’t allowed.

And if you are looking for the best type of shorts to wear we recommend a tailored slim fit pair. These are more in keeping to Milano fashion sensibilities.

Although cargo shorts are comfy they are likely to mark you out as a tourist in the city. Shop smart men’s shorts here.

T Shirts and Shirts

Again I would bring more short sleeve T shirts for this time of year and stick to darker coloured tees to not look like a tourist. 

Button down shirts, especially short sleeve ones are good for evenings in Milan.


Sunglasses with a good UV Protection are a Milan summer essential.

Underwear, Socks and Pjs

Best Shoes for Milan in July 

Woman's sandals in the Galleria Vittoria Emanuele  in Milan
Best Shoes for Milan in Summer


Sneakers are always my number pick for Milan in Summer. Although many people worry about wearing sneakers in Italy you really don’t have to.

Sneakers can cope with the large amount of walking you will be doing in Milan and provide good arch support.

Just be sure you pick a lightweight pair that will be comfortable in the heat. At the moment my personal go to summer sneaker is the All Birds Summer sneaker but this is just personal preference.


Sandals are great for the day in the heat and are also my go to shoe for  dinner in Italy where the locals do tend to dress for dinner. This is especially true in Milan.

They are also good if you go for an evening drink and dinner.

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What Else to Pack for Milan in July

FAQs about Summer Milan Packing List 

Do I need swimwear for Milan in July?

I would say that bringing swimwear for Milan in July is definitely optional. Milan is not a coastal city with the closest beach being an hours drive away – it’s Baia Blue Beach, located in Liguria if you are interested.

However if your hotel has a pool or you plan on visiting the Italian Lakes and again have pool access then you will want swimwear with you.

If not of the above applies to your vacation then you can leave your swimwear at home.

What to wear to the Cathedral in Milan?

Milan Cathedral, like all churches in Italy, even tourist attraction ones have a dress code. It requires a modest attire which includes:

  • keeping your shoulders covered at all times inside the church
  • keeping your knees covered. 

This dress code applies to both men and women.

What do local people wear in Milan in July?

The locals in Milan know that they need to dress for the heat in July. This translates to lots of loose clothing in natural fabrics rather than skimpy clothes.

Have you been to Milan in July what did you wear? And if you have a question that we haven’t answered here drop us a