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What to wear in Portugal in April

What to wear in Portugal in April

Are you wondering what to wear in Portugal in April? Spring is in full swing in Portugal in April but it can be a challenging month to pack for given the changeable weather. In this guide you will learn what to pack for Portugal in Spring for cities, beaches, dress codes and more.

Weather in Portugal in April

Although Spring is firmly underway in April you can still expect some changeable weather. But how cold is Portugal in March?

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Note: while this guide will talk about what to wear in Portugal generally in March, if you want more specific regional guidance be sure to check out the below seasonal and monthly specific posts: 

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Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

Is it cold in Portugal in April?

View of lisbon at sunset in April
What to pack for Portugal in April

Depending on where you are going in Portugal will obviously impact the temperatures you can expect. However generally speaking the average temperature range in Portugal in April has lows of 12°C/54°F to highs of 20°C /68°F.

But it is worth noting the further North in Portugal you are the colder and rainier it is likely to be. For instance Porto is usually much cooler than the Algarve And the earlier in the month you travel the cooler it will be.

Is it Rainy in Portugal in April?

Although March is technically the last month of rainy season in Portugal, showers are not uncommon in April. In fact you can expect at least 7 days of rain in the month. Therefore a sturdy travel umbrella is a good idea.

Is it warm enough to swim in Portugal in April?

The average sea temperature in Portugal in April is still pretty chilly 16.0°C / 60°F. Personally I still find it too cold to swim comfortably in Portugal in April however some braver souls than me may like to swim in April.

But if your hotel or accommodation has a heated pool then you will still want your swimwear with you.

Note: although the weather in this guide are historical averages however we advise always checking the weather at your destination 7 days in advance in case of anomalies such as cold snaps and heat waves.

What to Wear in Portugal in April

View of woman on the beach at sunset in portugal in April
What to wear in Portugal in April

So now you know what to expect of the weather in Portugal in April we will turn our attention to what to wear. The guide is split out into men, women’s and shoes section to make for easier navigation.

What to Wear in Portugal in April for women


Although it is Spring, a light jacket is still an essential for Portugal especially in the hilly cities. Depending on the forecast for your week of travel we recommend either packing a trench or denim jacket.

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Skirts and dresses

I like to wear a dress when traveling, especially for nights out and fancier restaurants. For April in Portugal I prefer a midi length with longer sleeves or a wrap dress. Earlier in the month you may also want to pack a pair of tights.

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Trousers are a great pick for Portugal in April especially with the wind in the hilly cities such as Lisbon and Porto. Personally I don’t think you can go wrong with jeans at this time of year. But I would also pack a smarter pant such as a black pant.

If you are visiting in Late April then you may also want a linen pant.


A loose blouse works perfectly for warmer days and cooler nights in Portugal. I like to pack one that can be layered with a cardigan for cooler days or light.

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T Shirt

For April I tend to pack more short sleeve t shirts than long ones. And I tend to stick with plain tees that can work as part of a capsule wardrobe instead of graphic, illustration or logo t shirts.

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Even though the temperatures are warmer up , Spring can still be pretty chilly in Portugal . For this reason we tend to pack 3 layers for a week. This usually compromises of a cardigan, sweater and a casual hoodie for daytime sightseeing.


Pashminas are always on my European packing lists no matter the month of travel. It is just such a versatile travel essential for women. In Portugal it is useful to make outfits more modest for places such as churches that have a dress code and can be used as an extra layer on cool days.

PJs or Nightie, Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying.

What to pack for Portugal in April for Men

When putting together the packing list for men heading to Portugal in April, the considerations are really the same as for women.

You need outfits that comprise of several light layers and still need to have a more modest outfit for visiting churches.


Chinos and jeans are perfect for Portugal in April as they are the perfect weight for the weather. Jeans are great for daytime sightseeing while chinos are great for smart casual restaurants.

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T Shirts and Shirts

I recommend packing a mix of short and long sleeve t shirts are perfect for Springtime.

However for evenings I would recommend having at least one button down shirt with long sleeves with you.


A lightweight top layer like a sweater or jacket is always a good idea and a blazer is a good smart top for dinners out.


As we the female packing list we recommend having 3 tops layers for a week in Portugal.

Jackets / Coats

Jackets are a must for April. And a blazer is always useful for restaurants in the cities.

Underwear, Socks and Pjs

Best Shoes for Portugal in April


Sneakers are the perfect shoe for Portugal all year round especially in the cities such as Porto and Lisbon where there are lots of hills and cobbled stone streets and where you will be doing much sightseeing on foot.

For me the perfect sneaker for Portugal in April is one you feel comfortable walking in but also that has good arch support.

My favorite brand of sneakers for walking are Hoka and AllBirds as these are great for walking in. However you also can’t go wrong with a plain white sneaker as they go with everything. One of my favorite pairs of white sneakers is the Adidas Cloud Foam shoes.

Ankle Boot

If you are traveling at the start of the month an ankle boot with a low heel and good sole is the perfect choice of alternate shoe.

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What to Pack in Portugal in April (non clothing)

FAQs about April Portugal Packing List

People sat by River in Lisbon in May
What to wear in Portugal in May

Should I take swimwear for Portugal in April? 

Depending where you are in Portugal will depend on how comfortable it will be to swim. Personally I find it too chilly to swim in Portugal but some people will be brave enough to swim in the Algarve in April

Do you need a jacket in April in Portugal? 

Yes layers and a jacket are absolute still an essential for Portugal in April. However it can be a lighter weight one especially for late April.

Can you wear jeans in Portugal in April?

There are no reason why you can’t wear jeans in April in Portugal. In fact I find them a really great choice especially for the cities.

Have you visited Portugal in April? What else would you add to this Portugal packing list.