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What to Wear in Provence in Summer

What to Wear in Provence in Summer

Are you wondering what to wear in Provence in Summer? In this guide we will explain dress codes, and give you outfit inspiration for your French summer vacation.

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But before we get onto the specifics of what to wear in Provence along with some outfit inspiration we thought it would be worthwhile to talk about exactly what constitutes Provence. 

Where is Provence?

Provence is a region in the South of France that is famed for its beautiful landscapes and blooming lavender fields in the summer months and of course it’s vineyards.

The most famous cities in Provence are Marseilles, Avignon, Arles and Aix en Provence to name just a few.  And is an easy day trip away from Monaco.

So now you know where Provence is, what are the dress codes you should be aware of?

Provence Dress Codes

As with many places in France, there aren’t many dress codes you need to stick to in Provence. However the one to be aware of is Avignon.

Couple in Avignon
What to wear in the South of France / French Riviera

Avignon is famed for its religious connection as between 1309 and 1377 it was home to the Avignon Papacy. Some of its most famous attractions are the Avignon Cathedral and the Palace of the Popes. As these all have religious connections it is recommended that you keep your shoulder and knees covered when entering these as you would in places such as the Vatican.

You will also notice that when out for dinner in Provence that people generally stick to smart casual dress codes. I would therefore have nice blouses and maxi dresses at the ready for going out to dinner in the region.

Also you will find in the more rural regions of Provence that people are more conservative in their attire as opposed to on the coastal regions.

It is also worth noting that Provence is a big tourist destination. As such peak season will run from April to October and if you visit the region in Winter you will find there to be far fewer tourists. And lavender season in Provence is limited usually running from mid-June to mid-August depending on the weather and climate that year. Generally I would aim to visit between end of June to July for best bloom.

How do Locals Dress in Provence in Summer

Village in Provence in June
What to wear in France in June

Provence locals know that the weather in summer is hot and dry. Therefore you can expect to see lots of maxi skirts and dresses that are loose and flowing and made of natural fabrics which will reduce sweat.

Natural Fabrics are your best friend in Provence in Summer. For instance cottons, linens and even silks are perfect for the summer as these are more breathable and cooling than man made counterparts.

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What to Wear in Provence in Summer (June, July and August)

Couple in Provence Lavender Field
What to wear in Provence in Summer

Summer in Provence is categorised as June, July and August. And during this period both the temperatures and the crowds will skyrocket especially during the lavender bloom.

During the Summer in Provence you can expect lots of sunny days and very little rain. Average summer temperatures tend to hover around 75F/24C degrees. June is the coolest month in Provence in Summer while July tends to be the hottest.

As such we would recommend putting the below on your summer Provence packing list:

Maxi Dresses

In Provence you will see lots of maxi dresses. Loose and flowing dresses are better for Provence in Summer than tight fitting ones made of man made fabrics as they will keep you cooler. 

They are also great for wearing down on a day trip to the beach and out for dinner. 

Maxi Skirts 

Maxi skirts are also great for pairing with T shirts and Tank tops in Provence. 

T Shirts and Tank Tops

These are perfect for exploring Provence however just don’t expect to go into churches in a tank top without covering your shoulders first. For this reason we recommend always carrying a pashmina with you. 


I never travel anywhere in Europe without a pashmina. It is great in the evenings in case you get chilly dining al fresco in Provence and can also be used to make an outfit more modest for visiting churches and other religious settings such as the Pope’s Palace in Avignon. 

Trousers and Blouse

Trousers and blouses are a great alternative to maxi dresses for exploring the towns in Provence. They are also a great day to night transition outfit for going out to dinner in the region. 

Linen trousers are popular with the locals and are good in the hot weather. 


Although shorts are on my what not to wear in Paris list they are a great choice for Provence.

However these can not be worn in religious settings and short shorts are not a very French style. 


Couple round a pool in swimwear in hotel in Provence
What to wear in Provence in Summer

If you are visiting Provence in the summertime chances are you will be spending time on the beach or round a pool Therefore you will want to have some stylish swimwear with you. 

As there are no dress codes on the beaches in the South of France you can choose whatever swimwear you feel most comfortable in whether that be one pieces or bikinis. 

Depending on how long you plan to spend on the beach here depends on how many pieces of swimwear you will need. 

I would recommend packing at least two swimwear pieces so one can be drying while you are wearing the other.

Beach Cover 

Most people in France when not swimming or sunbathing will put on a beach cover on when they head to bars or local amenities so we recommend adding one or two beach covers to your packing list.

Sun Hats

Sun hats are a staple on any Provence summer packing list. Be sure to pick a wide brimmed straw hat instead of a baseball cap to fit more in with the locals.


Goes without saying 


We recommend packing lightweight PJs as not everywhere in Provence will have Air conditioning. You may want to check out whether or not your accommodation has air conditioning before booking. 

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FAQS about what to wear in Provence in Summer

Couple in Village in Provence in June
What to wear in France in June

What should I pack for a week in Provence?

If you are packing for a week in Provence we recommend using the 5 4 3 2 1 packing method and should look something like:

5 – Dresses / Bottoms

4 – Tops

3 – Pairs of Shoes

2 – Swimsuits

1 – Beach Cover

For instance with a couple of accessories on top.

What to wear in lavender fields in summer?

couple in lavender field in Provence
what to wear in Provence in Summer

One of the main reasons people visit Provence in Summer is to see the beautiful lavender fields when they are in bloom.

If you want to visit these or have your photos taken in the lavender fields then you need to consider what to wear. I recommend wearing maxi dresses or other loose and cool clothing that are made of natural fabrics. However you should also think about the colors you wear.

We recommend avoid purple as you want to pop in your photographs among the lavender. Therefore we recommend wearing either bright colors such as red or yellow to make you pop, or sticking to a muted color palette.

Do you have any questions about what to wear in Provence that we haven’t answered here? Then drop us a comment below and we will do our best to answer.