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What to Wear in Spain in June

What to Wear in Spain in June

Are you wondering what to wear in Spain in June? Well, fear not, this Spain Summer Packing List will cover everything that you need for the different Spanish regions and islands, for weather, sightseeing, beaches and more if you are visiting in the month of June. 

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Weather in Spain in June

June is definitely classed as summer in Spain. And although it is summer in the mountains and beaches, there is definitely a difference in weather across the different region.

This guide will talk about what to wear in Spain generally in June, however if you wan’t more specific regional guidance be sure to check out the below posts:

Also it is worth noting that the weather between months changes quite dramatically in Spain. Therefore if your trip spans a couple of months then please be sure to check out our other monthly:

How hot is Spain in June?

Tourists on beach in Spain in June
Tourists on beach in Spain in June

Yes Spain in June is definitely a hot weather destination and many people, local and tourist will start to hit the beach.

The temperatures tend to range from 64°F and 86°F depending on which part of the country you are traveling to.

Barcelona for instance has average temperatures of around 25° C or 77 F and Cordoba is 90°F (32°C) to a low of 60°F (16°C).

While on islands such as Tenerife the average temperature is 26.6°C with the sea being at perfect swimming temperature.

Does it rain a lot in June in Spain?

Spain in June is actually a very dry month. And in places such as Malaga there is only an expected 16mm of rain in the entire month.

What to Wear in Spain in June

People on Street ini San Cristobal in Spain in June
What to wear in Spain in June

Best Shoes for Spain in June


Sneakers are the perfect shoe for summer in Spain, especially in the cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Cordoba where you will have to do a lot of sightseeing on foot.

They are also great for sightseeing on Spanish islands.


After sneakers my favorite shoe for Spain in June is definitely a sandal. These are breathable for days when you do light walking and are also the perfect shoe for evenings out.

If you would like to wear a pair of sandals instead of sneakers then we recommend testing them before travel to ensure they are comfortable to walk in.

And if you want a sandal with height for evenings, then I recommend a wedge over a heel as these are

Flip Flops

Flip flops are not good shoes for walking around cities due to the lack of support. However they are good for vacations in June when you plan to spend a lot of time on the beach or even round the pool.

For more information on what not to wear in Spain check out this post.

What to Wear in Spain in June for women

Woman in front of cathedral in Madrid
What to wear in Spain in June


Light weight trousers such as chinos and linen are better choices for Spain in June. They are loose and cool and work if you plan on visiting religious settings such as Sagrada Famailia  which have a conservative dress code.

Unless you plan to go high in the mountains, then jeans can likely be left at home, as it will be uncomfortable during the day to wear these.


Shorts are great for days in cities and for on beaches. Just don’t wear them if you plan on heading to church.

Skirts and dresses

Spain is a fashionable, liberal and multicultural place and this is reflected in the clothes you will see the locals wearing on the streets. Therefore we recommend selecting dresses or skirts that you feel most comfortable in.

However if you want to wear a dress or skirt in a religious setting remember that you are required to keep your knees and shoulders covered.

Also we recommend you pick dresses in natural fabrics only to help reduce sweat.


A loose blouse works perfectly for warmer days and cooler nights and is a great item to wear to dinner in Spain.

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T Shirt

T Shirts are perfect everywhere in Spain in June.

On the streets of Spain you are likely to see plain, patterned and even graphic t shirts so you can pick based on your fashion or personal preference.


A pashmina is always on my Spain packing list for every month. It is useful as it can act as a scarf or extra layer on cooler days and can help make your outfit more modest for visits to monasteries or churches.

PJs or Nightie

Lightweight pyjamas and nighties are perfect especially as not all accomodation in Spain or Europe in fact will have air conditioning.


Sunglasses are essential in Spain especially in Summer.


A sunhat is an essential for Spain even in the cities but especially for beaches and islands.

Whenever I travel with a sun hat I recommend taking this as carry on instead of a suitcase to help maintain the hats shape.


June is definitely swim weather in Spain. There are beaches in Barcelona, over 40km of them in fact, and the water is warm enough to swim in.

And if you are visiting the islands or a beach resort you will want a couple of pieces of swimwear with you.

You will see a mixture of one pieces and bikinis on Spanish beaches and in fact many of the younger generation will embrace bikinis on the skimpier side. Therefore wear what you feel most comfortable in. You won’t be out of place in a one piece, but equally you won’t be the only person in a thong bikini on a beach in Spain.

Swim Cover

If you plan to visit the islands or spend a lot of time on beaches then a beach cover is also a great addition to your Spain packing list.

Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying.

What to pack for Spain in June for Men

The Spain packing in June for men tends to follow the same rules as for women.

Around Spain you will see all manner of clothes so you can really pack what you are comfortable in however you should remember there are dress codes at Spanish churches.

Generally speaking we recommend packing the below for men in Spain in June.

Chinos/Linen Trousers

Lightweight trousers instead of jeans are more appropriate for Spain in June.


The weather is perfect for shorts in June especially for on beaches but also for touring in the city when you aren’t at a religious site.

T Shirts and Shirts

Short sleeve t shirts are perfect for sightseeing during the day in June.

However for evenings I would recommend having a button down shirt with long or shorts sleeves and maybe a polo shirt for day to night transition outfits.


Again, I would take this in cities and beaches. However if you are at a beach location then you should take at least 2 pairs.

In Spain you will see all sorts of men’s swimwear from speedos to trunks, so again wear what you feel most comfortable in.


An essential no matter the month.


For same reason as above.

Underwear, Socks and Pjs

What Else to Pack for Spain in June

  • Sunscreen
  • Aloe Vera / Aftersun – just in case you get burnt
  • Travel Adaptor
  • Power Pack / Battery recharger
  • Crossbody bag – depending on where you are in Spain will depend on how much this is needed But I would recommend a crossbody bag for cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. As with anywhere in the world tourist cities can attract pickpockets so any deterrents are worthwhile.
  • camera – Spain is a beautiful country you will want to take lots of photographs

FAQs about June Spain Packing List

What to wear to dinner in Spain?

Spain is a great foodie country. From great tapas bars to fancy Michelin starred restaurants, and countryside tavernas there is something foodie for everyone.

While Spain is a relatively casual country, you will find that most people tend to stick to smart casual dress codes for dinner in high end restaurants.

For Tapas the attire tends to be more casual depending on the type of tapas bar you are in.

I would usually stick to a dress with a top layer such as a pashmina and sandals for dinner in Spain personally.

What do locals wear in Spain in June?

Locals dress for the hot weather and tend to taking siestas and staying out of the sun during the hottest part of the day during the Summer.

Being out and about at this time is more likely to single you out as a tourist not your clothes especially away from tourist sites and beaches. That is unless you are wearing something like white socks and sandals whcih is definitely on my what not to wear in Spain list.

What would you add to this Spain June Packing List