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What to Wear to a Wedding in Italy

What to Wear to a Wedding in Italy

Are you wondering what to wear to a wedding in Italy? Destinations in Italy are very popular but can be tricky to dress for. In this guide we offer advice on what to wear to an Italian wedding for guests whether the wedding is in Tuscany, Sicily or any other region in Italy.

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If you have been invited to or are planning a wedding in Italy, you are in good company with celebrities such as

  • Chrissy Teigen and singer John Legend,
  • George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin who got married on Lake Como,
  • Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel,
  • Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West and of course Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

all famously getting married in the country. But are there special dress codes for Italian weddings?

Italian Wedding Dress Codes

Bridal Couple in front of colosseum
What to Wear to a Wedding in Italy

Well the answer is yes and no. This depends on whether you are going to a religious or civil wedding service.

All Italian Churches have dress codes which require modest attire. This means that visitors to churches in Italy must:

  • keep shoulders covered at all times inside the church
  • keep knees covered too.

This dress code applies to both men and women though it is likely to have a more significant impact on wedding dress outfits for women.

However if you are attending a civil wedding rather than a religious one then you only need to worry about a dress code stipulated by the bride and groom rather than the venue itself. And of course the weather!

What NOT To Wear to a Wedding in Italy

What to wear to an Italian Wedding
What to wear to an Italian Wedding

So now you know the dress code rules for Italian weddings at churches, what else should you not wear to a wedding in Italy.

Revealing Outfits

Revealing outfits are a no no for Italian Weddings in churches where shoulders and knees must be kept covered and modesty is key.

However I would also say that generally speaking Italians don’t opt for revealing attire at weddings. So if there are lots of locals at the wedding more modesty might be more in keeping.

Synthetic Fabrics

After dress codes for churches, your primary consideration for putting together an Italian wedding outfit for female, male or child guests should of course be the weather.

Most Italian destination weddings happen in Summer in Italy. And if there is one thing you need to know about Italy in the Summer, whether you are in Sicily, Tuscany, Venice or elsewhere is that it gets hot!

If you are indeed looking for what to wear to an Italian destination wedding in summer my advice is to avoid synthetic fabrics.

Synthetic fabrics will make you sweat more and Italy in summer is HOT HOT HOT!

Instead we recommend opting for silks, cottons and linens which are natural and more breathable.

What colors NOT to wear to a wedding in Italy

There aren’t lots of colors you should avoid at an Italian wedding, unless the wedding you are attending has a specific color scheme, however we recommend avoiding:


As with many weddings around the world, in Italy white is traditionally reserved for the bride. Be sure to avoid wearing white at an Italian wedding unless you are specifically asked to by the bride and groom.


Black in Italy is a color that is most commonly associated with death and funerals, as it is in many parts of the world.

It is also well documented that black also absorbs heat which is something you will want to avoid in an Italian summer wedding.

However if you are going to a black tie evening only wedding, black can be worn.

What to Wear to a Wedding in Italy for women

So now you know things that should be avoided what are some specific outfit inspirations for women going to Italian weddings?


Dresses are very commonly worn at Italian weddings. Maxi dresses that are flowing rather than tight fitting are perfect for Italian destination weddings.

However if you are going to a church be sure to have a pashmina with you to cover your shoulders if your dress is strappy.


Jumpsuits are a great modern alternative for weddings. Just be sure you select natural rather than synthetic fabrics and not have anything overly revealing.

Trousers/Skirt and Top

Trousers are acceptable for men and women at weddings in Italy. Alternatively pair a longer length skirt for church weddings with a top.


Accessories can make or break any wedding outfit. Italy is renowned for its handbags so I recommend pairing your outfit with a knockout handbag to fit in with locals.

Traditionally big hats aren’t worn to Italian weddings like they are in Italy, however if you are going to an outdoor venue check that you have your sunglasses with you and plenty of sun protection if you opt not to wear a hat.

What to Wear to a Destination Wedding in Italy for men

Suit are generally expected at most Italian weddings, unless your bride and groom have a specific dress code.

If you are looking for what to wear as a man going to an Italian destination wedding we recommend:

Linen Suit

This is the most lightweight suit option and is essential if you want to wear a suit to a wedding in Italy in summer. Anything else will be too hot if you are attending an al fresco event.

Sports Jacket / Blazer and Trousers

If suits aren’t your thing a jacket and trousers is most appropriate.

Best Shoes for an Italian Wedding

Now you know what to wear and the best accessories, the only thing left to talk about is shoes. Shoes are a huge part of Italian fashion culture. However think about the venue you are going to.

If you are attending a wedding in Italy on the beach or if you are going to a wedding in the Tuscany countryside you need to consider how your shoes will handle soft or uneven surfaces.

For that reason we recommend women wear a wedge instead of a high heel or a stiletto.

Have you been to an Italian wedding? What area of Italy was it in and what did you wear? We would love to head in the comments below!