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What to wear to Dinner in Iceland

What to wear to Dinner in Iceland

In this guide we round up what to wear to dinner in Iceland so you are dressed well and appropriately whether you are traveling to Iceland in Summer or wondering what do you wear to Iceland for dinner in Winter. 

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How Should I dress for dinner in Iceland?

When you are considering what to wear to dinner in Iceland the first thing you need to think about is the type of restaurant you are going to. 

If you are going to a very casual eatery then a casual dress code is obviously fine. 

However if you are going to a fine dining restaurant in Iceland how should you dress for dinner?

What to wear to dinner in Iceland

In truth Icelanders aren’t a particular formal people and therefore even when you are eating out in a fine dining establishment in Reykjavik the dress code will not be formal. 

However do not mistake not formal for unstylish. The Icelanders are a very stylish bunch and you will notice this when you are out for dinner in Reykjavik. I would say you want to have a smart casual dress code whenever you are eating out in Iceland. 

I do think you would feel out of place in an Icelandic restaurant wearing your outerwear i.e..  your snow pants for instance. 

In my opinion the best thing to wear for dinner in Iceland is a pair of nice jeans i.e. tailored or unripped along with a t shirt for summer or a nice jumper in Winter. A traditional Icelandic jumper like the one below would be perfectly fitting for a dinner in Iceland. 

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What do you wear to Iceland for dinner in winter?

If you are traveling in Winter however be sure to take your winter coat out with you for when you are walking between venues. 

My What to wear to Iceland for dinner packing list

A Coat or Jacket

Depending on whether you are visiting Iceland in Winter or summer will depend on whether you want to wear a thick coat and waterproof or a thinner jacket if you are visiting in summer

Jeans or chinos

Jeans are my number one choice for dinner in Reykjavik however I would only choose a tailored pair and a pair that is without rips (Especially if you are traveling to ICeland in Winter) 

Icelandic Jumper

I love traditional Icelandic woolen jumpers and though they are not a prerequisite to looking like a local in Iceland I do think they are very stylish and are perfect for a winter dinner outfit in Iceland. 

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However if you prefer you could just wear a plain jumper or in Summer go for a plain t shirt or blouse for women. 

For men I recommend a plain t shirt or a long sleeved shirt. 

Shoes for Iceland

The best shoes for Iceland in my opinion are boots with a good sole for Winter. 

Though not many places state that you can not wear sneakers to dinner in Iceland I personally would opt for a more formal shoe. 


If you prefer to wear a dress I would opt for a jumper dress with leggings or warm tights and a pair of boots. 

Have you been to Iceland and gone out for dinner? What did you wear and how did you find the dress code? Let us know in the comments