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Angkor Wat Dress Code Explained

Angkor Wat Dress Code Explained

Have questions about the Angkor Wat dress code? In this guide we aim to answer all the questions you may have to help you be respectful in this holy places alongside tell you exactly what to wear to Angkor Wat to be comfortable in the heat. 

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Is there an Angkor Wat Dress Code?

Yes, there absolutely an Angkor Wat dress code. Angkor Wat is a temple and like temples in Bali, the Vatican and Italian Churches, the Blue Mosque and Grand Mosque and temples in the neighbouring Thailand there is a dress code.

Although outside of Angkor Wat you will see all manner of clothing. However it is important to remember that Angkor Wat is a temple and a holy place and as such respectful attire should be worn.

View of Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat Dress Code / what to wear to Angkor Wat

At the entrance to Angkor Wat you will find that there are signs regarding appropriate attire for tourists. And do not be surprised if you see tourists being turned away because they are not dressed appropriately.

As such the Angkor Wat dress code consists of:

  • keeping your shoulder and upper arms covered.
  • keeping your legs covered.

What not to wear to Angkor Wat? 

Now you know what the dress code is I wanted to draw your attention to what not to wear to Angkor Wat.

The following is not deemed appropriate clothing at Angkor Wat:

  • short shorts that don’t cover the knee
  • Short Skirts or Mini Skirts that don’t cover the knee
  • Long Skirts or maxi skirts with large slits that reveal the knee
  • Ripped jeans 
  • See Through Clothing 
  • Vest tops and Strappy tops

It is also worth noting regarding the last point, that unlike other temples in Southeast Asia and other religious settings around the world, it is not acceptable to throw a scarf or pashmina over your shoulders to hide a spaghetti strap top. You must wear a full t shirt with cap sleeve at the very minimum.

What to Wear to Angkor Wat

What to wear to Angkor Wat for Women

Woman stood in front of Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat Dress Code / what to wear to Angkor Wat

When you are looking at what to wear to Angkor Wat we recommend the following for women.

T Shirts / Blouse

For tops it is recommended that you wear loose and cool clothing that will help you in the heat but also that have longer length sleeves that cover both your shoulders and the top of your arms. Spaghetti straps are not appropriate

And remember whatever you decide on wearing that there should be no inappropriate graphics or slogans as this is a holy place.

I personally like to wear a linen shirt in hot country, like Cambodia. This is a breathable fabric that reduces sweat like cottons and silk. Just be sure to check out our post on how to pack linen for travel to prevent wrinkles if you plan on traveling with linen.

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Maxi Skirt or Dresses

As you will need to keep your knees covered at all times. Therefore if you want to wear a skirt or dress then a maxi length is most appropriate. Just be sure the dress you choose has longer or at least short sleeves and doesn’t have a slit that reveals your knee.

However it is also worth noting that there are lots of uneven steps that you have to climb in the temple complex therefore be sure that any dress or skirt you wear does not have drag on the floor as it could become a trip hazard.

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Cotton Trousers

Trousers are a great pick as shorts are too risky for showing the knee, and are unlikely to drag on the floor.

I like to wear linen trousers, however if you are worried about creases then cotton harem pants are very cool. You can buy these in advance or otherwise buy them at any of the local markets in Cambodia or Thailand.

Also both men and women need to cover their legs. We recommend wearing long maxi dresses and maxi skirts for women – providing there is no slit that reveals your leg or long length linen trousers.


Although you may have to remove your hat to enter the temple buildings a sun hat is recommend at Angkor Wat due to the strength of the sun.

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It is a bright place, with little shade so having a good pair of sunglasses is key.

What to wear in Angkor Wat for Men

For men the Angkor Wat dress code rules are very similar to women. Although sometimes men are allowed to enter while wearing shorts, they are unable to climb to the top terraces of the main temple. For this reason we recommend men wearing


Like women, it is important to keep your knees covered. We recommend linen trousers but cotton are also acceptable.

T Shirt or Shirt

A t shirt or shirt is perfect for Angkor Wat temples for men. Just be sure you don’t wear a tank top or verst.

Best Shoes for Angkor Wat

The one thing you should know about Angkor Wat is that there are lots of steps to climb and the walkways are very uneven. Therefore it is really important to have shoes that can cope with the rough terrain.

For this reason sneakers are our preferred shoe for Angkor Wat. However just be sure whatever sneaker you wear can cope with hot weather. My favorite hot weather sneaker is currently is All Birds Tree Runners.

However you may also want to select a sneaker that you can easily slip on and off as you may be required to take your shoes off inside.

And although it might be tempting to wear flip flops at Angkor Wat this is not a great idea as they don’t have any arch support and are not good for walking on uneven surfaces.

If you would prefer a sandal instead of a sneaker we recommend a walking sandal. Our personal favorite brand is Teva.

What to pack for Angkor Wat

On top of the above we recommend packing the following for Angkor Wat:

  • Backpack – for storing items on your day trips.
  • Sun Screen – an essential in all of Italy at this time of year.
  • Aloe Vera / Aftersun – no one wants to get burnt however it is better to have this with you just in case. 
  • Lipbalm with SPF – as I mentioned the sun is strong so on top of sunscreen we recommend packing lip balm with sun protection. Our favorite brand at the minute is sun bum. 
  • Insect Repellant
  • Reusable Water Bottle – This will save you money and is better for the environment so be sure to pack one with you.
  • Camera
  • Charging Equipment
  •  Power pack / Battery Pack
  • Travel Adapaters  for electronics – Greece uses standard European outputs and plugs.
  • Chub Rub – if you are worried about sweating and chaffing chub rub can be a life saver on hot days.

FAQs about Angkor Wat Dress Code

What to wear in Siem Reap?

Pub Street in Siem Reap in the evening
What to wear in Siem Reap

Siem Reap is the nearest town to Angkor Wat, and is often called the Gateway to Angkor Wat.

However Siem Reap does not have the same dress code rules as Angkor Wat. As such the main thing you should consider when for dressing Siem Reap is to dress for the weather. Be that for the heat or also be being prepared for the Cambodia rainy season.

Can I wear shorts in Angkor Wat?

You can not wear shorts in Angkor Wat that reveal the knee. Men are better to select a long pair of trousers that cover to the ankle in natural fabrics and women are better to dress in Maxi dresses, maxi skirts or trousers in natural fabrics.

Can you wear leggings to Angkor Wat?

Leggings are not really appropriate at Angkor Wat. That is because they are tight fitting.

Instead of leggings you should opt for loose trousers in natural fabrics or long length skirts or dresses.

Have you been to Angkor Wat? What did you wear? We would love to hear in the comments? And if you have any questions about the dress code in Angkor Wat that we haven’t answered here please leave us a comment below and we will do our best to answer as soon as possible.