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Burj Khalifa Dress Code

Burj Khalifa Dress Code

Wondering what to wear to Burj Khalifa and what the rules of the Burj Khalifa dress code is? In this guide we round up the Dubai dress code and what not to wear in Dubai and how it relates to the Burj Khalifa and cover all the different Burj Khlaifa dress codes for dining experiences or the At the Top Experience.

Note: It must be reiterated that Dubai is a conservative Muslim country and this should be reflected in your dress code.  It must be noted that Dubai is the most liberal of all the Emirates (The Burj Khalifa being in Dubai) so if you are visiting other Emirates do check out our other guides like What not to wear in Abu Dhabi to be sure you keep to the rules in each Emirate.

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The Burj Khalifa is attached to the Dubai Mall in central Dubai. There are many ways of visiting Burj Khalifa from just marveling at it from the Dubai Fountains to going up it for the At The Top experience to having an amazing dining experience and each one has a different dress code so here is what to wear to Burj Khalifa in each scenario. 

Burj Khalifa Dress Code

What Not to Wear to Dubai
What Not to Wear to Dubai

What to Wear to Burj Khalifa At the Top Experience 

The At the Top Experience tickets can be a confusing thing to navigate for a tourist in Dubai. 

There are basically two different observation decks which come with different tickets. 

The observation decks on the Burj Khalifa on the 124th floor and there is another on the 144th floor. 

If you only visit the lower decks the admission ticket will be cheaper. 

We recommend buying tickets in advance. The options for tickets are:

Tickets will also be more expensive depending on the time you visit. For instance sunset is one of the most expensive times of day to visit the Burj Khalifa. 

If you decide to visit one or both of the observation decks then the Burj Khalifa dress code follows all the usual what not to wear in Dubai rules i.e. you must keep your shoulders covered, you must keep your knees covered and none of your clothes should be overly revealing. 

I would recommend wearing for women

Long length Skirts or Maxi Dress

Although you could wear any length skirt or dress that covers the knee I would recommend going for a long length skirt or a Maxi skirt for at the top of the Burj Khalifa. It can get very windy at the top of teh Burj Khalifa and you don’t want to have your own Marilyn Monroe moment. 

Top that covers shoulders

I would pair the above with a top such as a t shirt or blouse that covers the shoulder or is full length. This is means you will be following all Dubai and Burj Khalifa dress code rules. 

Cardigan or Pashmina

A pashmina is my number one travel accessory in Dubai as it can act as an extra cover if you aren’t dressed conservatively enough and also is an exchange layr if you get chilly. 

Even though Dubai is very hot esepecially if you are visiting Dubai in August, the windy can be very gusty at the top of the Burj Khalifa. 

For Men at the top of the Burj Khalifa I would recommend tailored chinos or tailored shorts paired with a polo shirt or t shirt or if you want to look very smart a nice shirt. 

But this is not the only way to see the top of the Burj Khalifa. There are other ways that actually have a more formal Burj Khalifa dress code. These are:

And if you are visiting other countries in the region be sure to check out our wondering what to wear in the Middle East post which offers a helpful country comparison.

Afternoon Tea at At.mosphere Dress Code

The dress code for afternon tea at At.mosphere is quite strict. The dress code of At.mosphere is defined as:

  • Smart to Elegant for the At.mosphere restaurant
  • Smart to Smart Casual for the lounge

Therefore if you are in the restaurant be sure to wear for men nice tailored trousers and a shirt or if you want to go more elegant a suit or a tie and jacket. 

While at the bar I would steer clear of sportswear, flip flops and jeans. Instead I would opt for chinos and tailored trousers. 

For women in the restaurant I woudl recoemmend wearing a dress or skirt and blouse of tailored trousers and blouse. Just be sure whatever you wear should follow all dubai dress code rules as you will have to pass through Dubai Mall to get to the Burj and may have to take a ttxi or piublic transport to get there. 

All of these places require you to adhere to the Dubai dress code. 

For both men and women smart shoes will be required. I would not recommend trainers for anyone in the party as these are classified as sports wear and you may be required to change shoes before being admitted. 

For other guides on what to wear to afternoon tea check out this post. 

FAQS about what to wear to Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa Dress Code Rules
Burj Khalifa Dress Code Rules

What do you wear to afternoon tea at the Burj Khalifa?

As mentioned above the dress code for afternoon tea at At.mosphere at the Burj Khalifa is smart to elegant attire. Do not wear sportswear or anything casual as you may be refused entry. 

Is there a dress code for Burj Khalifa

The answer to is there a dress code for Burj Khalifa is yes and no

While the At the top expereince doesn’t have its own dress code other than the regular Dubai dress code if you go to afternoon tea or the lounge at At.moshphere then there definitely is a dress code. 

Are shorts allowed in Burj Khalifa?

The answer to are shorts allowed in Burj Khalifa is they absolutely are with one proviso and that is that they cover the knees. 

Dubai is an Islamic country so knees should be covered at all times outside of hotels and resortgs which includes the Burj Khalifa. 

You will see people flaunting the shorts rule in Dubai but that doesn’t mean it is right or respectful and that you wouldn’t necessarily be asked to cover up. 

However shorts are not allowed at the Burj Khalifa at At.Mosphere where the dress code is smart casual or smart elegant depending on what you are doing there.