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What to wear In Florence in May

What to wear In Florence in May

Are you wondering what to wear in Florence in May? Well, fear not, this Florence Packing List for Spring will cover everything that you need to enjoy a city break in this beautiful Tuscan city. It covers what you can expect from the weather in Florence in May weather to the best shoes for Florence in Spring.

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Weather in Florence in May

Landscape of Florence
What to wear in Florence in May / Spring

Spring is definitely in full bloom in you are traveling to Florence in May. And you can expect traditional European Spring weather during your trip. As such I find that the weather in Florence in May makes it ideal time to tour the city. 

The weather during the day is warm but not to hot so perfect for walking and sightseeing in the city. And while the temperatures do drop at night, I would classify the May weather as cool rather than cold at night. 

Note: the weather between months changes quite dramatically in Tuscany and there are always special events in Italy which can affect both your attire and your ability to visit certain attractions. If your trip spans a couple of months then please be sure to check out our other monthly and regional Italy guides:

How hot is Florence in May? Is it cold in Florence in May?

One of my favourite things about visiting Florence in May, or anywhere in Italy for that matter, is that Spring is in full bloom and the weather is exceptional pleasant for tourists in the city. 

The average high temperature in May tends to be around 25C / 77F and the low around 15C/59F which for me is the perfect temperature for sightseeing. As you would imagine the beginning of May is much cooler than towards the end of the month but is still great for those walking about the city. 

Now while the temperatures do get higher towards the end of the month I would still make sure I had a couple of layers with you for eating out and those cooler days. And as always I would never travel to Florence without my trusty pashmina.

Does it rain a lot in May in Florence?

Florence in May is actually a fairly dry month. May in fact only gets around 9 rainy days a month and the rain is more likely to be in showers than huge deluges. Also you are far more likely to experience rain in Florence if you are visiting in the first week of the month.

What to Wear in Florence in May

No matter who you are traveling to Florence we will have you covered with detailed packing list items. And no matter where you are traveling to in Italy we think the most important thing to get right is your shoes! So what are the best shoes for Florence?

Best Shoes for Florence in May 


As the weather starts to warm up in Florence, you will definitely want to ditch the boots from your packing list.  

Now I know many people worry about wearing sneakers in Italy, there seems to be an internet rumour that tells people these are a big no no in Italy. However let me tell you they are not only fine but also the perfect shoe for Florence in Spring.

Now I would personally pick a more fashion pair of sneakers as opposed to sports ones to fit in more with the locals but any pair is better than no pair. 

Sneakers are great as they will be safer on the cobbled and uneven streets and be comfortable on your feet for all the walking you are bound to be doing.


As I said above, May for me in Florence means ditching the boots in favour of more light weight shoes. Now while you might not be able to wear sandals every day I would always have at least one pair with me for those warmer days. 

I also think they are more appropriate for wearing to dinner in Italy than sneakers.

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What to wear in Florence in May for Women

Woman in front of bridge in Florence
What to wear in Florence in May


Although towards the end of the month May is becoming warmer I still think it is worthwhile taking a pair of jeans with you to Florence, especially for the beginning of the month. 

To look more like a local and less like a tourist in Florence I recommend selecting a pair of jeans that are more fitted and darker in color. These tend to be more in keeping with the locals.

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Although I wouldn’t add linen trousers for your Rome Spring packing list just yet especially if you are traveling at the beginning of the month I would add some trousers other than jeans to your list. 

Chinos I think are the perfect weight trousers for traveling in May.

Longer length skirts and dresses

I would put short skirts and dresses on the what not to wear in Italy list for the simple reason that they are no appropriate in lots of Florence tourist attractions such as churches like the Duomo in Florence.

However midi and maxi length skirts and dresses are great and are good for day to night transition outfits. Just be sure that whatever skirts you pack don’t reveal your knee. This is especially important if your skirt has a slit in it. 

This is because when visiting Italian churches you need to be modest in your dress which includes having knees covered up.

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Florals are great for any Italian city in May. As the flowers are out in bloom in May it is nice to have some florals in your wardrobe too.


A loose blouse works perfectly for warmer days and cooler nights.

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T Shirt

I always pack a few t shirts when visiting Florence no matter the time of year. However for May I would recommend packing more shorter sleeve t shirts as the weather warms up but one long sleeve version is a great failsafe for incase you have a chilly day or evening. 

Dark coloured t shirts and t shirts without graphics or slogans will make you fit in with the locals most.


Although you are unlikely to need thick jumpers during the day in May, a cardigan is great for cooler days and as an extra evening layer especially if you want to enjoy some al fresco dining in May.

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It is highly unlikely you will need a coat when visiting Florence in May however I still think it is worth packing a jacket or blazer. 

Blazers for me are the perfect top layer for a Florence Spring outfit as it works for both cooler days and looks great and in keeping with the locals for when you go out to dinner.

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PJs or Nightie

Lightweight pyjamas and nighties are perfect especially towards the end of the month.


The sun in bright in Florence whatever month you visit and it starts to get dazzling in May. Therefore I would never travel to Florence without a pair of sunglasses.

Sunhat (optional)

I always recommend taking a sun hat if you are visiting Florence in summer. I personally don’t find you need one in May so have put on here as an optional addition if you have room and want to have a hat as a stylish accessory. 

Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying

What to pack for Florence in May for Men

The rules and layers that a you will want to pack for men in Florence in Spring is similar to the guidance for women. For this reason we recommend packing the below items:


A blazer is a perfect to a men’s Spring Packing List for Rome as it is perfect attire for restaurants and will double up as an extra layer for those cooler spring days. 

My husband never travels to Italy in May without a blazer.

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Chinos and a light pair of jeans are perfect particularly for the beginning of the month.

T Shirts and Shirts

Again I would bring more short sleeve T shirts for this time of year and stick to darker coloured tees to not look like a tourist. 

On top of this, for evenings I would recommend having a button down shirt with long sleeves and maybe a polo shirt for day to night transition outfits. 


for the reasons we said above

Underwear, Socks and Pjs

What Else to Pack for Florence in May 

FAQs about May Florence Packing List 

What to wear to the Duomo in Florence?

Florence Duomo Dress Code
Florence Duomo Dress Code

Possibly the biggest tourist attraction in Florence is the Duomo, which is the place that attracts most visitors.

It is also the place in Florence that has the strictest dress code as an Italian church.

he dress code at Italian churches tends require a modest attire which includes:

  • keeping your shoulders covered at all times inside the church
  • keeping your knees covered. 

This dress code applies to both men and women.

What do people wear in Florence in May?

People in Florence in May know that May is a transition month. The temperatures are rising so lighter clothes are seen on the streets. However it is always worth adding a layer to your packing list as there can be chilly times.