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What to wear in Mykonos (monthly guide)

What to wear in Mykonos (monthly guide)

Are you wondering what to wear in Mykonos? Mykonos is one of Greece’s most beautiful islands and stylish islands so you may be wondering what sort of outfits you should bring to this bucket list destination. In this guide will tell you exactly what to wear in Mykonos on the beach, in the towns and out for dinner to help you not look like a tourist no matter the season you are visiting.

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But before we get onto the specifics of what to wear in Mykonos along with some outfit inspiration we thought it would be worthwhile to talk about exactly what and where Mykonos is, and how the seasons will affect your Mykonos Packing List. 

Where is Mykonos?

Mykonos is an island off the South coast of Mainland Greece in the Northern Aegean Sea as is part of the Cyclades islands of which Naxos, Paros and Mykonos are also a part of.

Windmills on Mykonos
Mykonos Dress Codes

It is a relatively small island but with a great tourist infrastructure. However it is also known as the Island of of the Winds due to the strong winds and has led to the presence of many windmills on the island.

For this reason you should definitely have a few light layers with you no matter the time of year you travel.

Fun fact, Cyclades or encircling islands as the translation is, are called such as the islands form a rough circle around the sacred land of Delos which is said to be the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo.

Although all of the islands in the Cyclades have similar fashion sensibilities and dress codes, it is worth check out each our our island and city specific guides as there are some regional differences:

So now you know where Mykonos is, what are the dress codes you should be aware of? 

Mykonos Dress Code

As with many places in Greece, Mykonos doesn’t really have a dress code per se.

Mykonos is famed for its beautiful coastal location, white washed building, beautiful sandy beaches and nightlife. Therefore it should come as no surprise that lightweight resort wear can be seen in the towns and on the beach in Mykonos. 

However it is important to realise although coastal, you will find people in Mykonos very fashionably dressed. 

It is also worth noting that Mykonos is a big tourist destination. As such peak season will run from April to October and if you visit Mykonos in Winter you will find there to be far fewer tourists. But this comes with the downside of the weather not being as beach friendly especially given that Mykonos is known for its strong winds.

How do local people dress in Mykonos?

The locals in Mykonos know that the key to dressing in particular for summer, is picking outfits that can cope with the heat as well as having some layers with you for when the famous Mykonos winds pick up.

You will find loose and flowing dresses and skirts are very much in fashion throughout Greece but especially on the islands. Many of the shops in Mykonos will be selling plenty of summer dresses in loose styles so if you want to fit in with the locals this sort of style is a great choice.

And you can never go wrong with linen whether you are a man or woman in the Greek Islands.

Considerations for your Mykonos Packing List

Before we get onto the exact items to include to make your Mykonos outfits, we thought is would be worth outlining some considerations for your packing list. These are:

Pack Light

If you plan on island hopping in Greece especially around the Cyclades Islands of which Mykonos is part of I urge you to pack light. Nothing can spoil the island hopping experience than having to lug heavy luggage onto multiple ferries. 

For more information on how to pack light for Greece in Summer we recommend checking out our guide on the 5 4 3 2 1 packing method which will help you create the perfect Greece Capsule Wardrobe.

Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics are your best friend Mykonos.

Cottons, silks and linen are well known for being more breathable than man made fabrics and are Greek styles to go for. Linen in particular is very in fashion among locals and tourists alike in Mykonos. 

What to Wear in Mykonos in Summer (June, July and August)

Woman on Mykonos street wearing summer dress and sun hat
What to wear in Mykonos

Chances are if you are looking to visit Mykonos and wondering what to wear is that you will be visiting during the Summer Months.

Summer in Mykonos and Greece generally is characterised as June, July and August although peak tourist season runs longer than this.

During the Summer in Mykonos you can expect lots of sunny days and very little rain. In terms of temperatures, in the summer you can expect to see average highs of 80F/27C and lows of 71F/22C. And the chances of rain in Mykonos in Summer is pretty much 0%.

However July and August has some very strong winds, known locally as Meltemi. These are very common in July and August during the Mykonos peak season so some layers are a good idea.

As such we would recommend putting the below on your summer Mykonos packing list:

Maxi Dresses

As I mentioned above there is lots of beach wear and resort wear seen in and around Mykonos in Summer.

Maxi dresses are one of my favorite things to wear when touring Greece in Summer however they are a particularly great pick for the region. 

Loose and flowing dresses are better for Santorini in Summer than tight fitting ones made of man made fabrics as they will keep you cooler. They are also great for wearing down on the beach and out for dinner. 

However due to the wind you will also want to have

Cardigan / Sweater

As a top layer for when the winds are strong as they can cool the temperature considerably.

Maxi Skirts 

Maxi Skirts are also great for pairing with T shirts and Tank tops in Mykonos.

Tank Tops and T Shirts 

These are perfect for out exploring Mykonos and can be paired with skirts, trousers or shorts.

Tank tops are also acceptable in Mykonos in most places just don’t expect to go into churches in a tank top without covering your shoulders first.

Trousers and Blouse

Trousers and blouses are a great alternative to maxi dresses for exploring towns and having dinner as they are a great day to night transition outfit. And might be easier to be walking around in when the winds are particularly strong.

Linen trousers are popular with the locals and are good in the hot weather. 


I never travel anywhere in Greece without a pashmina. It is great in the evenings in case you get chilly dining al fresco, the famous Mykonos winds and can also be used to make an outfit more modest for visiting churches in Greece. 


Shorts are great for Mykonos both on the beach and in towns.


If you are visiting Mykonos in Summer chances are you will be spending time on the beach, on a boat, or around a hotel pool. Therefore you will want to have some stylish swimwear with you. 

As there are no dress codes on the public beaches in Mykonos you can choose whatever swimwear you feel most comfortable in whether that be one pieces or bikinis. 

Depending on how long you plan to spend on the beach here depends on how many pieces of swimwear you will need. 

I would recommend packing at least two swimwear pieces so one can be drying while you are wearing the other if you are going to Mykonos for a week.

Beach Cover 

Most people in Mykonos when not swimming or sunbathing will put on a beach cover to head to bars or local amenities so we recommend adding one or two beach covers to your packing list.

Sun Hats

Sun hats are a staple on any Greek summer packing list. Be sure to pick a wide brimmed straw hat instead of a baseball cap to fit more in with the locals.


Goes without saying 


We recommend packing lightweight PJs as not everywhere in Mykonos will have Air conditioning. You may want to check out whether or not your accommodation has air conditioning before booking. 

Note: If you want to know what to were in Mykonos for men I recommend packing a mixture of chinos and linen trousers and some smarter shorts alongside plain t shirts and polos and short sleeve shirts for summer. 

For more information on what to wear in the rest of Greece in summer check out our related guides:

What to Wear to the Mykonos in Spring (March, April, May)

Woman in Mykonos in Spring
What to wear in Mykonos

Depending on what time you are visiting Mykonos in Spring will depend on how hot the temperatures are. March is obviously the coolest month and will usually be too cold to be spending too much time on the beach.

In March average high temperatures are 14C/57F and lows of 11C/51F while it slowly warms to highs of 22C/71F and lows of 16C/60F in May.

For this reason we recommend packing the same as the summer, though you may need less in terms of swimwear as the weather may be too cold with a few added layers such as extra sweaters, cardigans or hoodies.

Your Spring Mykonos packing list should include the same as the summer but also include:


Mykonos evenings in Spring can be cold, as can the windy days so be sure to add a cardigan to pair to your dress and trousers outfits. 

Sweater / Hoodie

This is great for exploring Mykonos in Spring.


This may be needed if you are visiting Mykonos in March especially for when you are on the cliff tops watching the sunset etc.


Also for March you probably will only need one item of swimwear.

What to Wear to the Mykonos in Fall (September, October and November)

Couple on Street in Mykonos
What to wear in Mykonos

What to wear to Mykonos in Fall and Autumn is very similar to what to wear in Mykonos in Summer. 

In particular, if you are visiting Mykonos in September you can pretty much select the same outfits as you would in August as the temperatures are very similar. In fact Fall in Santorini is much warmer than Spring, and you will find the sea temperature much more comfortable for swimming in.

However November in Mykonos really does see the temperature drop so extra layers will be needed.

Also you will want cardigans and sweaters on your packing list, and in November you may even need a jacket.

What to Wear to Mykonos in Winter (December, January and February)

Mykonos can be cold in Winter and as Winter isn’t peak season in Mykonos you will find that many of the local businesses i.e. shops and restaurants will be closed or have limited opening hours.

And it will probably be too cold to swim and use the beach in Winter so you can really limit the swimwear you need to bring with you. 

Generally speaking the temperatures range from 9-12C / 48-53F. in Winter and is the rainiest season in the area.

Jacket/Coat, waterproof

You will definitely want a warm jacket for Mykonos in Winter. If possible we recommend a waterproof one as you can get rainy and something that is good in the wind.

Cardigans, Sweaters and Top Layers

We recommend packing a few different types of top layers with you for instance a combination of cardigans, sweaters and hoodies of different weights so you have enough variety in case of a very cold snap. 

Long Sleeve Tops 

It is unlikely you will be wearing short sleeve t shirts in Mykonos in Winter. Long sleeve t shirts and blouses are therefore a much better choice. 

We recommend packing a variety of long sleeve tops and blouses with you including some smarter ones for dinners if you are visiting in the Winter months of December, January and February.


Although linen trousers are perfect for Mykonos in Summer and the shoulder seasons, they are too lightweight for Winter visitors to the region. 

Instead we recommend going with heavier weight trousers in Winter. We tend to recommend packing jeans instead.


I never go to Greece without one. But it is a handy extra layer for Winter visitors. 


Goes without saying 


A slightly heavier weight pair are better in Winter.

Best Shoes for Mykonos


Sneakers are great for Mykonos whatever time of year you visit. If you pack a lightweight pair they can cope well in the heat and are also good for your feet on uneven surfaces around the island.

Note: if you plan on doing any longer length hikes then you may need hiking shoes. 

However we do recommend wearing sneaker socks in the summer with them to reduce sweat and odour in your shoe. 


Sandals are a definite must for Mykonos. However due to the terrains you encounter in Mykonos I would pick a pair with arch support and without a heel. 

Espadrilles or wedges are a great evening shoe choice particularly for nicer restaurants. 

Flip Flops (Optional)

Flip flops are not good for walking, especially on the steep terrains such that you get in Mykonos. However if there is space in your case you may want to pack a pair of flip flops for round your hotel pool.

What Else to add to your Mykonos Packing List

  • Sunscreen
  • Aftersun cream
  • Insect Repellant
  • Phone / Camera
  • Charger 
  • Sunglasses
  • Reusable Water bottle
  • Toiletries
  • Beach bag

FAQs About What to wear in Mykonos

So now you know what to wear in Mykonos season by season we will answer some of your more specific questions.

What to wear in Mykonos at night?

Sunset at Mykonos
What to wear in Mykonos at night

Santorini is still relatively casual in the evenings. Therefore we recommend sticking with a maxi dress for going out at night in Mykonos.

If you can dress it up with an accessory such as a pashmina or some costume jewellery, it will make it a great day to night transition piece.

However if you are visiting Mykonos for the nightlife you can’t go wrong with a shorter length dress or a jumpsuit or playsuit. But we do recommend that it is something that you will feel cool in but also have a layer with you just in case.

It is worth noting that I still don’t recommend wearing heels in Mykonos due to the terrain. Wedges are a better choice if you are looking for a shoe with height for going out in Mykonos at night.

Do I need Water shoes for Mykonos?

Mykonos is known for its beautiful sandy beaches. Due to the way the sand is formed on Mykonos (from Granite rather than volcanic rock) you will find it is sandy and soft. For this reason you don’t have to bring water shoes with you.

However if you have children you may want to pack them for the summer as the sand can get hot.

What is the best color to wear in Mykonos?

Mykonos is one of the most instagrammable places in the world with its beautiful white washed buildings and windmills.

If you want to pop on pictures in Mykonos you should add some bright colors to your Mykonos packing list such as bright red, pink, yellow or green. Or adding some bright blue against the white walls is another great choice.

Do I need a jacket in Mykonos?

Layers are your friend in Mykonos due to the strong winds that you get. For this reason we recommend packing a jacket in the Winter and shoulder seasons and even having some layers with you in Mykonos in Summer.

Are there mosquitos in Mykonos?

Mykonos does get mosquitos. For this reason we recommend packing insect repellant and also packing long sleeve tops and trousers for when you are outside in the evenings to protect yourself from bites.

While the mosquitos in Mykonos are not dangerous they are an irritant.

Do you have a question about what to wear in Mykonos that we haven’t answered? Drop us a comment below and we will do our best to answer