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What to wear in the Dead Sea

What to wear in the Dead Sea

Are you wondering what to wear in the Dead Sea? Well, look no further in this guide we will tell you what to wear in the dead sea to meet local rules and requirements as well as to prevent damage and discolorisation of your clothes.

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What to wear in the Dead Sea

The first things I would like to say about this guide to what to wear in the Dead Sea is that it is written from the point of view of being at a Dead Sea Resort in Jordan or Israel.

If you are exploring the greater Dead Sea area away from a resort then you will need to meet all local dress code requirements which you can find in the below posts.

So what do you wear to float in the dead sea when at a resort?

Best Swimwear for Floating in the Dead Sea

If you are at a resort then you can wear a bikini or one piece, whatever you feel most comfortable in. Personally when I am on the beach in Middle East whether that be a Dubai Beach or beach in Abu Dhabi I prefer to wear a one piece as it feels more culturally appropriate. However this is personal choice on private beaches. Of course public beaches have different rules.

So now you know the type of swimsuit you can wear at the Dead sea for women there are some other considerations I wanted to draw your attention to.

The reason you can float in the dead sea is because of the salt levels in the water. The Dead Sea is one of the saltiest bodies of water of Earth. It is made up of over 33% salt which is a lot when you consider the ocean is around 3.5%

And while this high level of salinity is what makes you able to float in the water it can also damage swimwear. In particular it can cause major damage to brightly colored swimwear.

Our family wore black and green swimwear into the Dead Sea and there was no damage from the salt (or the mud – more on that later) however anecdotally I have heard about the salt damaging bright colors so this is something you may want to consider especially if you have a favorite piece of swimwear.

And as I mentioned above, you may not want to wear a very light color into the Dead Sea. This time not because of the salt but because of the Mud. One of the best things about the Dead Sea is the treatment when you slather yourself in Dead Sea Mud. If you are wearing a white or very light swimsuit the mud may stain your swimwear.

Also as a side tip, we recommend putting the mud on your forehead and above eyes as there is a risk of getting salt in your eyes which trust us stings a LOT!

Best Shoes for the Dead Sea

On top of the above swimwear considerations we also recommend taking flip flops to the Dead Sea. The temperatures can get very high at the Dead Sea resorts and it is possible for the sand to get too hit to walk on. Therefore you will want to have a pair of flip flops with you.

Also please note: there are no lockers at many of the dead sea beaches so you will have to leave your items on the beach. For this reason we recommend only taking things that are absolutely necessary with you.


Sunglasses can definitely be a pro and a minus in the Dead Sea.

They are great as they can prevent any water splashing in your eyes which is definitely something you want to prevent. The high salt content makes the water sting your eyes so you need to be very careful.

However if you think you are going to mess with your glasses you may just want to wear them on the beach as you don’t want to get water in your eyes through fidgeting with your glasses.


To be worn only on the beach not in the water as there is too great a chance of this getting wet and getting water in your eyes.

What Else to Bring to the Dead Sea

Woman reading in Dead Sea - What to wear in Dead SEa
What to wear in Dead Sea

As you are staying at a Dead Sea Resort there is very little that you need to take down to the sea with you. But some things you may want to consider:

  • a waterproof holder for your phone – there are not always lockers at the dead sea so this is good protection from the water and keeps your phone with you
  • Go Pro – you will definitely want to take photos at the dead sea however you need to do this before you get in the water as the lens will keep fogging if you do once submerged.
  • Newspaper and book – if you want that classic dead sea photograph of reading while floating be sure to take something to pose with down. We recommend something you don’t mind getting ruined should it get wet.
  • Towel – your resort should usually provide this.
  • Water shoes – if you want to wear shoes in the water as well as on the beach you should choose water shoes instead of flip flops.
  • Sunscreen – this is an essential whereever you are in the middle east.
  • Water – always an essential in the Middle East
  • Bag – for your stuff on the beach

What NOT to Bring to the Dead Sea

And now you know what to bring, here are things that you should definitely not bring and wear in the dead sea:

  • Jewelry – it can get damaged in the sea or potentially lost or stolen if left on the beach
  • WAtches – for the same reason as above. The salt can damage the mechanism.
  • Unnecessary items and valuables – we recommend trying to limit the stuff you take to the Dead Sea where possible

Have you been to the Dead Sea? What else would you add or leave off this list? WE would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.