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What to wear in Venice in March

What to wear in Venice in March

Are you wondering what to wear in Venice in March? March heralds the start of Spring in Venice, but is also a month renowned for its extremely changeable weather which it can be difficult packing for. In this guide we will show you how to pack for Venice in Spring.

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Weather in Venice in March

March is the start of spring in Venice and also brings the start of tourist season in the city of canals. But what can you expect of the weather in March? i

How cold is Venice in March

view of canal in Venice
what to wear in Venice in March

Generally speaking the average temperature in Venice in March tends to hover between the 13°C/55.4F to 4°C/39F mark with the end of March being warmer than the beginning.

With these temperatures you will still want plenty of layers with you.

Does it rain in Venice in March?

Although generally speaking Europe in Spring tends to be a rainy month, March is not the rainiest month in Venice. In fact it is not even part of caqua alta (“high water”). And in a normal year you can expect only about 5 days of rain across the month.

Therefore waterproof wear doesn’t need to be your main concern at this time of year.

Note: the weather between months changes quite dramatically and there are always special events in Venice in certain months. If your trip spans a couple of months then please be sure to check out our other monthly guides:

And if you are traveling to other cities and regions in Italy be sure to check out our other monthly guides:

How do people dress in Venice?

view of piazza san marco and doges palace in venice in march
what to pack for Venice in march

In answer to how do people dress in Venice I have to say it varies. It is also important to remember that there are a few places in Venice with dress codes such as St Marks Basilica and other churches.

It is also worth remembering that Venice as with many of the cities in Italy, Venice is a stylish place. The locals seem to adopt a smart casual dress code when going about their business however that isn’t to say that you won’t see jeans and sneakers amongst the locals in Venice. And you will find that locals also tend to dress for dinner in Italy.

Also, while there is no rule against it I would also advise adding sportswear to your what not to wear in Italy list. That is because Italians usually only wear sports wear when actually doing sports. 

Best Shoes for Venice

Shoes are probably the most important part of any Venice packing list. Venice is best explored by boat or more likely by foot, which means that it is important to have comfortable walking shoes.

The shoes we recommend packing for Venice include:


Sneakers are the best shoes for walking in Europe as they can deal with multiple terrain types.

My favorite sneaker brands for travel are Hoka and All birds. But I also love the versatility of a white sneaker especially in Spring when my wardrobe becomes more colourful and pastel. One of my favorite white sneaker is the Addidas Cloud Foam as I find them comfortable for walking long distances.


Although the temperatures are warming up and you will find that locals are slowly transitioning from their Winter capsule wardrobes to their spring ones it isn’t quite warm enough for sandals in my opinion. Therefore I would normally add boots as my alternative shoes.

Note: we always recommend checking the forecast at your destination(s) 7 days out from travel to make sure there are no expected weather fronts i.e. heatwaves or cold snaps.

What to Wear in Venice in March Packing List

Now we know what to expect from the weather in March in Venice and the expected dress code so you won’t look like a tourist in Venice we will turn our attention to what to put on your what to wear in Venice in March Packing List.

What to wear in Venice for women in March

Woman In green with Venice canal in background in MArch
what to wear in Venice in March


As Winter is coming to a close, it is unlikely you will need your thickest coat. However we recommend packing a puffer jacket for the colder days.


I know that a lot of people worry about packing jeans for Italy but we always have jeans on our Italian spring packing lists. We do recommend sticking to jeans that are darker and more fitted as these are more in keeping with local style.

On top of jeans we also recommend packing

Long Trousers

I think a black pant is perfect for Spring in Italy.

Long and short Sleeve T Shirt

Depending on whether you are visiting at the beginning or end of March will affect the type of tee you pack. For the start of the month we would add more long sleeves than short slowly adding more short sleeve tees as the month progresses.

Also if you don’t want to look like a tourist in Venice we recommend wearing t shirts that are plainer rather than graphic Tees or t shirts with slogans in neon colors.


As the evenings in Venice are still relatively chilly we recommend having a nice blouse with you that you can dress up with some costume jewelry and a pashmina to wear for dinner in Venice.


Pashminas are always on my Venice packing lists. In Winter and Spring they are great as extra layers in cold weather and also work to make outfits more modest in summer for churches.

Pjs, Underwear and Socks

This should go without saying


Venice can be a dazzling city even in March. No matter what month I travel to Venice I always pack sunglasses.

What to Wear in Venice in March Packing List for Men

The Venice Spring Packing list for men is larger similar to that for women. We recommend packing

  • Fitted smart jeans
  • Pair of Trousers
  • Mixture of long and short sleeve t shirts for day time
  • Jacket – puffer style is perfect for Venice Spring weather
  • Sunglasses
  • Sneakers
  • Smarter Pair of Shoes or Boots for dinner
  • Pjs

What to Pack for Venice in March (Non Clothing)

So now you know what clothes to pack for Venice in March we will turn our attention to non clothing items that we consider essential

  • Crossbody Bag  – unfortunately any tourist site attracts pickpockets and Venice is no different. We recommend you protect your belongings by having a crossbody bag with lots of zips that act as a deterrent. My favorite brand of travel bag is travelon
  • Backpack – for storing items on your day trips.
  • Travel adaptor – Italy uses the traditional European plugs (though the UK has a different plug). So if you are coming from the UK or USA etc you will need an adapter to make your electronics work.
  • Power Pack / battery packs
  • Sun screen
  • Lipbalm  
  • Sunglasses 
  • Camera
  • Travel First Aid Kit
  • Blister plasters
  • Toiletries – for our essential toiletries packing list click here.

Note: there are supermarkets and pharmacies where you can buy toiletries in Venice so it depends on whether you have the space in your case and if you are happy to buy on arrival.

FAQS About What to Pack for Venice in March

Are there any special events in Venice in March?

There are no big events like Carnival in Venice in March that have a special dress code attached to them.

Have you been to Venice in March? What did you wear and how would you change your Venice Packing List next time? Let us know in the c