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What to wear in Italy in March

What to wear in Italy in March

Want to know what to wear in Italy in March? March marks the beginning of Spring in Italy and the weather starts to transition from Winter. In this guide we tell you everything to pack for Italy in March whichever region you are traveling too as well as give you tips on dress codes in Italy too.

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Weather in Italy in March

Although March is the first month of Spring, the weather can be unpredictable, especially at the start of the month but how cold is Italy in March?

How Cold is Italy in March?

View of the Verona city walls in March
What to pack for Italy in March

It really depends on the region of Italy you are visiting as to how cold the March temperatures are. However you really will notice the difference in weather between March and February in Italy as the average temperatures warm up.

Generally speaking, the North of Italy will be the coolest and the South being the warmest but the average temperatures across the country are around 11°C/51.8°F and 3°C/ 37°F.

For more specific local weather guidance check out our seasonal regional posts:

Does it Rain in Italy in March?

Surprisingly the rain increases from February to March and on average there are 9 days of rain across the month. But it usually isn’t too heavy so you won’t need to focus too much on waterproof wear but a compact travel umbrella can be handy!

Does it Snow in Italy in March?

February tends to be one of the snowiest months to visit Italy and you will find even in Early March your chances of snowfall are very very low.

The only exception is in the high altitude ski resorts where you may still experience some snow.

Note: we always recommend checking the forecast at your destination(s) 7 days out from travel to make sure there are no expected weather fronts i.e. heatwaves or cold snaps.

How do locals dress in Italy in March

View of locals shopping in Rome in March 2020
What to wear in italy in March

The trick to dressing like a local in Italy no matter the month is packing a stylish and classic capsule wardrobe.

In March you will find locals slowly transitioning from their Winter capsule wardrobe into their Spring ones, but how much of each you see will depend on when in the month you are visiting.

For help in packing a Spring capsule wardrobe in Italy check out these posts:

What to wear in Italy in March

Best Shoes for Italy in March

The shoes you pack for March in Italy will largely depend on what part of the country you are visiting.

However the universal shoe for Italy in March in my opinion has to be:


Sneakers are great for sightseeing in Italy no matter the season. And don’t worry about locals not wearing them, I promise you they do! Though they tend to

As it can rain in Italy in February I like to pack a waterproof sneakers such as these Ecco ones.

Ankle Boots

Although the weather is warming up in March, it is still not quite warm enough for a sandal in my opinion. Therefore I always pick an ankle boot when traveling to Italy at this time of year as my second shoe!

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What to Wear in Italy in March for Women

Woman say on bridge taking a picture on her phone in Venice in March
What to wear in Italy in March

So now you know what to expect from the weather and the best shoes to wear, what should women wear in Italy in March?


As the weather is warming up I ditch my heavyweight Winter coats for a lighter more packaway jacket such as a puffer jacket or even just a trench, depending on what part of the month I am traveling in.

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Trousers are my go to bottom layer for Italy in March even over skirts and dresses for colder days exploring the cities.

Now there seems to be a common misconception that jeans are not a great packing choice if you want to look like a local. However let me put your mind at rest as jeans are a great pick for March and locals and tourists alike will be wearing them. But I would advise you to pack a darker, and more fitted pair as this is more in keeping with local fashion sensibilities.

On top of jeans I would also have some smarter trousers such as a tailored black for going out at night or going for dinner in Italy.

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I don’t tend to sightsee in March in dresses, however I will often have a dress on my packing list so I can change when we are out for fancier dinners. Given the temperatures in Italy in the evening I tend to stick with dresses with long sleeves.

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I would pair a blouse with a cardigan for places with a dress code in Italy in Spring.

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A smart cardigan is a great top layer for dining in Italy. I usually pair a smart cardigan with a t shirt or blouse for Spring travel.

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I would still keep a lightweight jumper on your packing list in Spring as another layering option should you get a bit of a cold snap.

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T Shirts

T Shirts are great for Italy no matter the time of year. For March I would have a mix of long and short tees, with more longer versions the further North you are traveling.

And as always I recommend packing plain color tees as these are more in keeping with local fashion sensibilities. Click here to shop t shirts.


A pashmina should be on your Italian packing list no matter the month you are visiting but are especially important for February as they are good as an extra layer too.

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PJs, Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying. What to Pack for Italy in February for Men

So now you know what to pack for women in Italy in March, we will turn our attention to men’s travel essentials

What to wear in Italy in March for Men

We recommend packing:


Chinos or jeans are great for day and night in Italy in Spring.

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T Shirts and Shirts

T shirts are perfect for daytime in Italy, though in March long sleeve and plain t shirts are most appropriate.

Also, as Italians tend to dress more smartly for dinner I would recommend adding some shirts with you for eating out in Italy.


As we said for women, in March you can ditch your thickest winter coat in favor of a warm jacket such as puffer jacket.

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Layers are essential for Italy. For a week in Italy at this time of year we recommend packing a cardigan, a hoodie and a smart sweater.

What to Pack for Italy in March (non-clothing)

So now you know the clothes to pack for Italy in February, the other essentials to include on your Italy packing list are:

How to dress in Italy in March for Special Events

There aren’t any big special events in Italy in March which have a special dress code.

FAQs about Italy in March

Do you need a coat in March in Italy?

Thermal thick coats are not essentials in March. However you will still want a top layer and jacket with you. I like a puffer coat and trench coats.

Can you wear jeans in Italy in March?

You can absolutely wear jeans in March in Italy. If you want to be more keeping in local styles I would opt for a more fitted jean in a darker color.

Have you been to Italy in March? What did you wear? We would love to hear in the comments.