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What to Wear in Wadi Rum (Dress code & Tips)

What to Wear in Wadi Rum (Dress code & Tips)

Are you heading to Jordan and wondering what to wear in Wadi Rum, one of Jordan’s most beautiful places? Then keeping reading to find out about the Wadi Rum Dress Code rules and how it affects your Wadi Rum outfit.

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Wadi Rum is one of Jordan’s most popular and beautiful tourist attractions. However as Jordan is a Muslim country, there is a conservative dress code. Therefore what should you wear to Wadi Rum?

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What to Wear to Wadi Rum

When putting together your Wadi Rum packing list there are a few things you need to consider:

  • the intensity of the sun and the high temperatures in the desert and
  • the types of activities you will be doing at the Wadi.

Therefore when you put together your packing list for Wadi Rum you should make sure the clothing you wear be made of natural fabrics and breathable. These will definitely help keep you cool.

However although the sun gets hot at the Wadi you also need to prepare yourself for the severe drop of temperatures that happens in the desert at night time whatever month you are visiting. For this reason we recommend packing some layers with you.

But before we get into our Wadi Rum Packing List we thought it would be good to answer some of your frequently asked questions about the Wadi Rum dress code.

Can I wear shorts in Wadi Rum?

Although you will see people wearing shorts at the Wadi Rum given its status as a major tourist attraction and the activities you do to get to the Wadi we recommend packing some longer length linen ones as the most respectful shorts.

As with many Middle East Countries, Jordan is a conservative Muslim country and this should be remembered and reflected in your dress code wherever you travel in the country.

What are the best shoes for Wadi Rum?

At Wadi Rum you will be doing all sorts of activities from hiking to climbing therefore it is really important to pick the right shoes.

During the day you should avoid wearing sandals. The sand at Wadi Rum can be very hot and there can be risks to your feet. Therefore a sneaker or closed toe shoe is optimal.

However at nighttime, you can chose to wear flip flops or sandals or sneakers, whatever you prefer as the sand will cool in the evening and you won’t be doing as much physical activities.

What do you wear in Wadi Rum at night?

As the temperatures drop at Wadi Rum severely at night it is very important to pack layers including a sweater and a light jacket.

What to Wear to Wadi Rum Packing List

Long Sleeve Tops

Although the temperatures at Wadi Rum can get into the 40s, we recommend long sleeve tops for day and night.

During the day long sleeves provide added protection against the sun while also respecting local Muslim culture and at night will keep you warmer.

Cotton Trousers

Although you will see shorts at Wadi Rum out preference is to wear loose fitting breathable trousers that will be more breathable.


This is an absolute necessity for those who are spending the night in Wadi Rum. The temperatures in any desert drop considerably at night so we advise packing a cardigan or sweater as a nighttime layer.

If you are visiting Wadi Rum in Winter you may need a thicker layer such as a jacket for the evenings.

Closed Toe Shoes

These are necessary for day times in the desert for those planning to do more strenuous activities and to protect your feet from the heat of the sand in summertime.


The sun is strong in the desert inJordan therefore sunglasses are an absolute essential.

Sun hat

Again you need to take lots of steps to protect yourself against the sun in the desert where there is little to no shade. A sun hat is an absolute essential.

What to Bring to Wadi Rum (Non clothing)

What you need to bring to Wadi Rum other than clothing will really depend on the type of camp or accommodation you are staying in.

However some things you will want to check with your accommodation about bringing with you include:

  • Headlamp – for wandering around your Bedouin camp in the evening.
  • Sunscreen – for long days in the desert
  • Camera – Wadi Rum is beautiful you will want to take lots of photos.
  • Power Pack – depending on the camp you are at will depend on what sort of electricity or power you will have. Therefore having a power pack is essential.
  • Lip Balm with UVA and SPF – this will protect your lips from the sun.
  • First Aid Kit – an essential whatever your travel destination but especially so in somewhere remote such as Wadi Rum.
  • Towel – check with your accommodation if this is provided.
  • Toilet Paper – again this depends on your accommodation so be sure to check before travel
  • BackPack – for your day of adventure.
  • Hand Sanitizer

Do you have any other questions about to what to wear to Wadi Rum? Please leave a question below and we will do our best to answer.