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What to wear in Rome in August Packing List

What to wear in Rome in August Packing List

Wondering what to wear in Rome in August? We cover everything you need to add to your what to pack for Rome in August to deal with the heat from the best sandals for summer in Rome to best fabrics and clothing items to wear.

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Weather in Rome in August

What to wear in Rome in August Packing List
What to wear in Rome in August Packing List

Rome in August is definitely summer and if I was asked to describe the Rome weather in August I would say HOT HOT HOT!

But before we start discussing Rome in August I wanted to quickly point out that the weather in Rome between months changes quite dramatically and there are always special events going on in Rome which can affect your packing list. If your trip spans a couple of months then please be sure to check out our other monthly guides:

And why not check our other Italy regional guides for summer:

How hot is Rome in August? Is it too hot

The inescapable truth is that Rome in August is hot – and when I say hot I mean HOT!

Officially July is the hottest month in Rome however August comes a very close second with the average highs and lows being very similar. Rome in August has an average high of around 31C and the average low is only around 19C but can feel hotter when you are walking around the city sightseeing.

In fact some people might say Rome in August is too hot. Personally I have visited Rome in every season and midsummer would definitely not be my top pick but with some careful packing you can definitely alleviate some of the side effects of heat.

Does it rain a lot in August in Rome?

Rain is definitely a rare occurrence in August in Rome though not an impossibility. You only get around 203 days of rain in August and is usually isn’t very heavy. With this in mind we recommend leaving the waterproof wear at home.

What to Wear in Rome in August

Tips for how to dress in Rome in August

When looking at how to dress in Rome in August, the key thing to remember is that you will need to dress for very high temperatures but also need some modesty in clothing for certain tourist attractions such as The Pantheon and the Vatican City to name but a few.

  • pick lightweight breathable fabrics – no manmade fabrics that make you sweat
  • choose loose and flowy dresses instead of tight fitting
  • have some outfits that keep your shoulders and knees covered as some Italian churches require modest attire.
  • have accessories for sunshine such as sunglasses and sunhat.

Also if you are worried about what to wear to other tourist attractions in then be sure to check out our related Rome guides:

Best Shoes for Rome in August


You will definitely want sandals on your what to pack for Rome in August list. Sandals are definitely the most practical shoes for August in Rome given the hot temperatures so long as you select the right pair.

I would define a good pair of sandals for Rome in the summer as a pair that has:

  • good soles to deal with the uneven streets of Rome
  • good arch support

Depending on your itinerary length I would take 1-2 pairs with you.

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Though sandals are my go to shoes for August in Rome I would also add sneakers to your packing list. Visits to Rome inevitably involve lots of walking, and sneakers can be a great choice for these days.

However I would recommend selecting a pair of sneakers that are more fashion than sporty in nature. This is to help you fit in more with the locals.

Our go to brands are:

  • Hoka,
  • Sketchers Go Walks or
  • All Birds
  • Addidas

Just be sure to wear in any new shoes before travel.

Also as feet can swell in Rome in Summer due to the heat and amount of walking you are doing it is wise to take a small travel first aid kit with you and anything you will need to deal with blisters if the worst happens.

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Longer length skirts and dresses

I always pack longer length skirts and dresses for Rome in Summer. I also recommend selecting clothes that are looser fitting to help deal with the high temperatures.

And although it can be tempting to go for shorter skirts and spaghetti straps in summer I don’t recommend these for Rome. In fact they are top of my the what not to wear in Rome list as these are not appropriate for wearing inside Rome attractions such as churches as you need to dress modestly in these places.

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Cotton trousers and Capri Pants

When selecting trousers for Rome in summer I recommend picking natural fabrics. A top choice has to be linen, but cotton is also a great pick.

I also recommend choosing capri pants rather than shorts if you don’t want to look like a tourist in Rome. Romans don’t tend to wear shorts in the city so Capri pants instead of shorts will help you dress like a local in Rome. As an added bonus you can wear capri pants in Italian churches which you can’t with shorts.


Blouses are great for day to night transitions and work for visiting churches and catacombs and for going out for dinner in Italy.

The best choice of blouse will be a looser fitting one with shoulders covered in a natural fabric.

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T Shirt

As temperatures are so high in Rome in August we recommend sticking with short sleeve tees. T shirts are great for casual days of sightseeing in Rome. As it is so hot in August you will only need short sleeve rather than long sleeve t shirts.


During the day you are unlikely to need a cardigan but I always pack a layer for dining out in al fresco.

Jacket (optional)

Jackets will not be needed during the day in August unless you get a highly unusual cold snap. Having said that a smart blazer is a great option if you are going to one of Rome’s fancier restaurant.


A pashmina should be on your Rome packing list whatever the season.

PJs or Nightie

It is worth remembering when you are packing nightwear is that many Rome hotel rooms will not have AC. Therefore you will want lightweight nightwear whether than be PJS or a nightie.

Swimwear (optional)

Unless your hotel in Rome has a pool or you are going to another destination on your trip where there will be a pool or chance to swim you can leave the swimwear at home.


It is bright in Rome in summer so protect your eyes.


A sun hat isn’t necessary all year in Rome but you will definitely want one in August.

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Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying

What to pack for Rome in July for Men

What to wear in Rome in May Packing List


For men lightweight trousers are a must. Chinos are a good choice instead of jeans which can be too heavy. Another great choice for men is a pair of smart linen trousers.

T Shirts and Shirts

Short sleeve T shirts are a must for Rome in summer. Long sleeves shouldn’t be necessary in summer.

However for the evenings we recommend having a smarter top such as a long sleeve or short sleeve button down shirt. Romans are stylish and tend to dress smart casual for dinner so this will help you be more fitting with the locals.


Again not essential for days, but a great way to look smart in the evenings.

Underwear, Socks and Pjs


Swimwear (optional)


Smarter Shoes

A pair of smart shoes for the evening will help you look less like a tourist and more like a local in Rome.

What Else to Pack for Rome in August

How to Dress for Special Events in Rome in August

There is only one real public holiday in Rome in August and that is

  • 15th August – Ferragosto – the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

However this shouldn’t affect your packing list in anyway.

FAQs about August Rome Packing List

What do people wear in Rome in August?

August in Rome is about dressing for the heat. You will find locals are stylish and not overly revealing in their outfits but will be smart and stylish in their summer clothes.

What would you add to this Rome August Packing List