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ULTIMATE Rome Packing List For Every Season

ULTIMATE Rome Packing List For Every Season

In this ULTIMATE Rome Packing List we tell you everything you need to pack for a visit to the Eternal City no matter when you visit.

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What Clothes to Wear in Rome

What to Wear in Rome in April Packing List - Pantheon Dress Code

When thinking about what clothes to wear in Rome will really depend on what season and in particular what month you are visiting Rome in. For this reason we have created monthly what to wear guides for Rome which can be found below. These will really help you decide exactly what pieces you need to pack:

What to Pack for Rome whatever the season

In this section of the packing list we will look at staple items that should be on your Rome packing list whatever the season.

Sneakers and other comfortable walking shoes

There seems to be some confusion online about whether or not you can wear sneakers in Italy. I think this is because Italians are a very stylish bunch but the truth is you can absolutely wear sneakers in Rome. And actually I would advise you packing some as they are good for doing lots of sight seeing. Just make sure they are broken in first.

Fashionable sneakers are more advisable than overly sporty sneakers or very old ones.

Any other shoes you want to pack be that a boot or a sandal depending on the season should also be well worn in and comfortable. We also don’t recommend wearing high heels or stilettos in Rome as there aren’t safe on cobble stone streets on the uneven pavements that you find in Rome.


Pashminas are always on any packing list no matter the destination but they are especially important for Rome when you may be visiting some Italian churches such as the Pantheon which have a strict and modest dress code.

It is always very helpful for when you visit the Vatican City also.

Cash and Credit Cards

Rome is not a completely cashless society so we recommend taking a mixture of Cash in the form of Euros and credit cards so you are prepared no mater where you go. And if you have these on you you will need to keep them safe. For this we recommend

Cross Body Bag

We recommend only taking a cross body bag with plenty of zips when you are visiting Rome. Unfortunately as with many tourist cities and tourist attractions around the world you will find there are pickpockets around.

To make yourself as safe from pickpockets as possible we recommend taking an anti theft bag and certainly not using anything that is open that hands can be easily slipped into.

Also we always put a fanny pack on our what not to wear in Rome list as nothing will mark you are a tourist more than a fanny pack.

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Power Pack

One of the great things about visiting Rome is all of the amazing sites you will see. But as a result you will find that your phone battery will drain pretty quickly. I always put a power pack in my bag when I am out and about in Rome.

Travel Adaptor

If you don’t use the same type of plugs as they do in Europe then you will need a travel adaptor. As we love to travel so much we like to get a universal adaptor so we are prepared whatever location we are visiting.


If you are on any medications then you should bring them with you but always travel with your prescriptions and related documentation.


As with any type of travel be sure to check what documentation is needed for travel such as passports or vaccinations certification etc.


Although most hotel rooms in Rome will provide toiletries, I like to cary my own in travel size bottles as this ensures you get the products you want.


No matter what time of year you are traveling to Rome, we recommend taking sunglasses. Rome can be a dazzling city all year round and it is good practise whatever to always wear sunglasses.

Water Bottle

We always travel with a water bottle as it is better for the environment. This is very useful in Rome especially if you are traveling in the summer and you will find there are lots of ancient public water fountains that you can refill at.

What not to pack for Rome

Vatican Dress Code
Vatican Dress Code

No matter what time you visit Rome we don’t recommend packing the following:

High / Thin Heels

Rome’s streets are often cobbled and there are many uneven streets in the city. High heels especially thin high heels are dangerous to walk in.

Rome Packing List (Optional Items)


Depending on your hotel, it may or may not have a swimming pool. We love having a hotel with a swimming pool especially when visiting Rome in summer, so if your has this don’t miss out by leaving your swimwear at home.

FAQS About What to Pack for Rome

Are Rome and Vatican City Packing Lists the same?

The packing lists for both Rome and the Vatican City obviously have plenty of over lap. However there are some marked differences – this is largely due to the dress code at the Vatican which requires people to wear conservative clothes and not to have knees and shoulders on show at any point during your visit.

Have you visited Rome? Are there any other essentials that you would add to this ULTIMATE Rome Packing List.