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What to wear in Italy in August

What to wear in Italy in August

Are you wondering what to wear in Italy in August? August tends to be one of the hottest months in italy, no matter the region you are traveling to. In this guide we tell you everything that should be on your Italian Summer packing list whether you are traveling to the North, South or islands of Italy as well as special events with special dress codes that happen in Italy in August.

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Weather in Italy in August

It really doesn’t matter if you are in North or Southern Italy in August, summer is definitely in full swing and you can expect hot weather almost throughout Italy in the month of August.

Generally speaking however you can expect the temperatures in Italy in August to be:

  • Central Italy: 70-90°F (21-32°C)
  • Northern Italy: 65-85°F (18-30°C)
  • Southern Italy: 80-90°F (26-32°C)

You will also find that it is quite humid in Italy in August, particularly in the South. But generally speaking you have 80% change of a sunny day in August. So if you want to dry and sunny weather it is a great month to go, if you can handle the heat that is!

Does it Rain in Italy in August?

August isn’t the driest month in Italy, that honour goes to July, however August is still pretty dry with the country only getting around 13mm of rain in the entire month.

The North is more likely to see rain than the South but it is still overall dry.

And when you get rain in August it is more likely to be showers and storms rather than prolonged rain and constant drizzle.

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What to Wear in Italy in August for Women

Woman by Harbor in Italy What to wear to Italy in August
What to wear to Italy in August

August is the last month that is technically classed as summer in Italy and you will definitely still need full summer wardrobes.

When looking at how to dress in Italy for summer the key is sticking to natural fabrics over manmade. Fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk are more breathable and will be much more comfortable to go out sightseeing in over manmade ones.

So now you know the fabrics you should choose what about the types of clothing that should be on your packing list for Italy in August?

Maxi Skirt / Maxi Dresses

Anything in Maxi length fits perfect for Italy. Maxi dresses and skirts are great as a day to night transition item and also work for beaches in places such as Positano.

They also conform to the Italian church dress code which states that knees and shoulders must be covered at all times.

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Trousers, particularly those made of linen and chinos, are perfect choices in the evening. I find trousers are great for dinner in Italy where you may be dining alfresco especially for those cooler nights and also in places where you may find some mosquitos in summer such as Venice.

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Note: if you worry about traveling with linen clothes be sure to check out our guide on how to pack linen clothes for travel without wrinkles.


Shorts are perfect in August for visiting places such as Sicily and Sardinia. However they aren’t great for in the cities where you may visit churches.

Shorts should be reserved for beachwear and hotels rather than for sightseeing in the cities.

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Blouses are perfect in Italy in summer especially if you select a natural fabric one with a looser fit. This will help prevent sweating and also still meet the dress code for churches.

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T Shirt

For beaches and cities I always pack at least a couple of T Shirts. If you want to blend in with local more plain color t shirts are more commonplace and I would also leave text shirts and graphic tees at home as these aren’t very Italian.

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Although the weather in Italy in August is warm, I would still pack one cardigan with you for cooler days or evenings where you may be dining al fresco. 

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I never travel anywhere in Italy without a pashmina no matter the season. It is great for adding modesty when entering churches such as the Vatican and Pantheon.

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Not all hotels in Italy will have air conditioning. I would advise checking this before booking as you will certainly be more comfortable in air conditioned accommodation.

But whether or not your hotel has air con, I would still advise packing lightweight pjs.

Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying


The sun is at its strongest in August in Italy so be sure to pack sunglasses whether you are in the city or a beach.


A wide brimmed hat is a necessity no matter where you travel in Italy in August but is particularly essential in the South in places such as Naples, Sicily and Puglia.


August is perfect beach weather in Italy so be sure you have swimwear with you for hitting the beach.

What to Pack for Italy in August for Men

Couple in St Marks Square - What to wear in Venice in Summer (June, July August)
What to wear in Venice in Summer (June, July August)

If you want to know what to pack for Italy in August for men, I would say the same general principles apply for men and women.

You want breathable fabrics to reduce sweat and you will need to keep your shoulders and knees covered for churches the same as woman.


Lightweight chinos or linen trousers are great for day and night in Italy.

These are perfect for day to night transition and are great for churches you want to visit.

T Shirts and Shirts

During the day t shirts are great. For men short sleeve tees are probably going to be the most useful for you. 

Again I would recommend avoiding anything with a graphic or slogan or in overly loud colors if you want to fit in with the locals. 

Also Italians tend to dress more smartly for dinner so I would advise brining some button down shirts for eating out in Italy.

Linen Jacket

My husband always like to travel with a jacket when in Italy for going out for dinner. Blazers are too heavy however for Italy in August so he opts for a lightweight linen jacket instead.

Best Shoes for Italy in August 


Sneakers are great for sightseeing in italy no matter the season. And don’t worry about locals not wearing them, I promise you they do!

Sneakers really can’t be beaten for sightseeing in Italy. However I would also pack


Your feet can get hot in August, so sandals are great for on the beach, at dinner and more. Just be sure the pair you have don’t rub and will be ok if your feet swell in the Italian summer heat!

We don’t advise packing flip flops when walking, however they are useful on the beach and around pools but not for days when you are doing lots of walking.

What Else to Pack for Italy in August 

Beach in Italy in August
what to pack for Italy in AUgust

  • Crossbody bag – one with plenty of zips that can put off pick pockets is best.
  • Reusable Water bottle – as the temperatures in August skyrocket, you will need to stay hydrated. One of my favourite things about Rome is the free water fountains around the city so be sure to make use of them.
  • Sunscreen – the sun is strong in Italy in the summertime
  • Aloe Vera – no one wants to get sun burn but this will help if you do.
  • Mosquito repellant – for areas near still water such as Venice where mosquitos can thrive in Summer.
  • Toiletries – find out full list of essential travel toiletries here.
  • Medication
  • Travel First Aid Kit
  • Blister plasters
  • Camera
  • Universal Travel Adaptor – very important for those traveling from outside of Europe as Rome uses standard European plugs.
  • Power Pack / Battery recharger

How to dress in Italy in August for Special Events

There are a few special events in August in Italy however none of them really have any special dress codes that you need to be aware of.

FAQs about Italy in August

Are the beaches in Italy in August busy?

Beaches are some of the most popular places to visit in Italy in August so no matter whether you are on Sicily, in Tuscany or Puglia you will find that the beaches are busy.

Have you been to Italy in August? What did you wear? We would love to hear in the comments.