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What to Wear in Venice In August

What to Wear in Venice In August

Are you wondering what to wear in Venice in August? August in Venice is peak summer season where the tourists and the temperatures skyrocket. In this guide we will tell you exactly what to pack to cope with the heat, look like a local and more.

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Weather in Venice in August

People on gondola on Venice canal in August
What to wear in Venice in August

August in Venice is peak summer so you can expect plenty of hot weather but how hot is it?

How hot is Venice in August?

Although July holds the title of hottest month, the temperatures in August are very similar to July.

The average temps for August are averages of 31-19C or 93-74F so it is really important to get your Venice attire right for the weather.

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Is it rainy in Venice in August?

August is not that rainy in Venice with over an 80% chance of a beautiful sunny day. Therefore you really don’t need to worry about waterproof wear in this month.

Does Venice flood in August?

Floods are not common in Venice in August. Flood season in Venice is known locally as acqua alta which usually runs from October to January.

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How do local people dress in Venice in August?

If you are visiting Venice in August you will find the locals dressing for the heat. This usually translates as loose clothing made of natural fabrics.

It is worth noting that you are unlikely to find locals wearing short skirts and short shorts as this isn’t something you often find in Italian wardrobes.

And you will find that no matter what month you visit Venice that the local Venetians are a fashionable bunch. Smart casual tends to be the most commonly seen attire in Venice among the locals especially when dining out in Venice. For more information on what to wear to dinner in Italy check out this post

Dress Codes in Venice

view of Venice across water - May Venice Packing List

The main considerations for August in Venice are dressing for heat and mosquitos. This translates into your packing list in the following ways:


Anywhere with water and warm temperatures are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos and Venice in Summer is no expception.

It is therefore important that you pack insect repellant and clothing that is lightweight with longer sleeves for the evenings to reduce the likelihood of getting bitten.

Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silks are more breathable and reduce sweat which are perfect for Italy in June. We recommend sticking to this type of fabrics where possible.

If you do decide to pack linen be sure to check out our guide on how to pack linen to prevent wrinkles.


There are many beaches nearby to Venice and some of the more expensive hotels will also have pools. If you plan to visit one of these you will need some beachwear with you i.e. swimwear and beach cover

What to wear in Venice in August

So now you know what to expect from the weather, what should you wear in Venice in August?

Best Shoes for Venice in August

Sneakers are a great shoe choice for Venice in August. Any visit to Venice involves a lot of walking so sneakers are perfect. They cope well with cobbles, bridges and more. My go to sneakers for Venice in Summer are lightweight Allbirds but this is personal choice.

Just remember to wear them with sneaker socks as this will reduce swear and odor in your shoe.

If you are worried about walking in sneakers in the heat you could select some walking sandals but just be sure that they are good for walking. And we definitely choose to wear sandals for dinner where there is a smart casual dress code.

If you want some sandals with height we recommend wearing wedges as opposed to thin heels as there are lots of cobbles in Venice and thin heels are not safe.

Also if you plan to visit the beaches in Venice you may want to add some flip flops to your list. However we wouldn’t recommend these for walking around the city.

What to wear in Venice in August for women

Couple in venice in August
What to wear in Venice in August


Loose blouses are perfect for Venice in August as they work brilliantly for smarter dinners as they protect your arms from mosquito bites and they are cool for the heat.

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T Shirt

I always pack a few t shirts when visiting Venice no matter the season. Short sleeve t shirts tend to be the perfect sleeve length for summer.

To help you not look like a tourist I would recommend sticking to plain t shirts instead of those that have a graphic or text or are in loud colors.


Two people in Venice in June next to gondola and rialto bridge

Shorts are good for sightseeing and on the beach in Venice but are not appropriate attire for Churches.


Trousers are a more versatile pick that shorts for Venice as they work in churches.

I would advise picking loose trousers to keep cool and sticking to fabrics such as linen and cotton and leaving the jeans at home in August.

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Longer length skirts and dresses

Short skirts and dresses are on my what not to wear in Venice list. That is because they are not appropriate in churches like St Marks.

Woman sat next to Canal in Venice in Summer
What to wear in Venice in July

Midi and maxi length skirts and dresses are a better choice as they are good for day to night transition outfits and are good for visiting churches. Just be sure that whatever skirts you pack don’t reveal your knee and remember to check for any slits that may make your outfit less modest for visiting Italian churches.

Though make sure if you do select a maxi dress that it doesn’t drag along the floor as this can be a hazard in Venice in Summer.


A pashmina should be on your Venice August packing list as it can act as a scarf or extra layer on cooler nights and can help make your outfit more modest for visits to churches in Italy.

Swimwear and beach cover

If your hotel has a pool or you want to go on a day trip to a nearby beach then you should pack swimwear and a beach cover.

If none of these are on your itinerary you can probably leave swimwear at home.

PJs or Nightie

Lightweight pyjamas and nighties are essential for Italy in summer as you will find that many Italian hotels lack air conditioning.


As I said above Venice is hot and sunny in summer so you will want a sun hat for sun protection. Baseball caps are not a common sight on locals so I would opt for a smarter style hat for wondering around the city.


The sun is bright in Venice whatever month you visit but I definitely wouldn’t go to Venice in August without a pair of shades that offers good UV protection.

Underwear and Socks

Goes without saying.

Top Tip: We recommend packing sneaker socks and some odour eaters if you have room in your case just in case your feet do get sweaty when wearing sneakers to sightsee around the city.

What to Wear in Venice in August Packing List for Men

Man and Woman on Bridge in Venice in Summer

For men visiting Venice in August we recommend adding the following items to your packing list:

  • Trousers – recommend selecting natural fabrics such as cottons and linen. Again leave the jeans at home for this month.
  • Short Sleeve T Shirts
  • Shirts – long sleeves are better for dining al fresco at night as they deter mosquitos
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Sneakers
  • Smarter Pair of Shoes for dinner
  • Pjs
  • Underwear
  • Swimwear

What to Pack for Venice in August (Non Clothing)

  • Towel – for those planning on spending time on the beach. We recommend a quick dry one where possible.
  • Insect Repellant – repellant for mosquitos which are a problem in Venice in Summer.
  • Sun Screen
  • Aloe Vera / Aftersun
  • Camera
  • Charging Equipment
  • Battery Pack
  • Travel Adaptor for electronics
  • Crossbody Bag – anti theft type.
  • Towel – for those planning on spending time on the beach. We recommend a quick dry one where possible.

FAQs about Venice August Packing list

Should I pack swimwear for Venice in August?

Whether of not you need swimwear for August depends on:

  • if you plan on visiting a beach
  • if your hotel has access to a pool
  • if you plan to travel to other beach regions of Italy
  • if you plan to go on a Med cruise as part of your Venice trip

If you answer yes to the above we definitely recommend bringing swimwear with you however if you answer no to all of the above the chances are you won’t need swimwear.

Can you wear shorts in Venice in August?

Man in Burano
What to wear in Venice in June

Shorts are perhaps the least versatile option for visiting Venice in August as you won’t be able to wear these in some places such as churches. However if you have a day at the beach or an itinerary day without churches then shorts are fine.

We would however recommend not packing manmade fabrics as you will find these very hot and sweaty in Venice in summer.

Can you wear jeans in Venice in August?

There is nothing to stop you wearing jeans in Venice in the summer in terms of dress code. However given the heat I would personally try and avoid denim as it can be too hot in summer in Venice.

Have you visited Venice in August? What did you wear? We’d love to find out in the comments below.