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What to Wear to an Amusement Park Plus Size Guide

What to Wear to an Amusement Park Plus Size Guide

Are you looking for the best what to wear to an Amusement Park Plus Size outfit guide? Then you have come to the right place. This is a zero judgement space where we will talk you through the best plus sized outfits for theme parks and amusement parks including everything from the best shoes to wear to the best clothes for rides to weather.

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Theme Park Plus Size Packing List Tips

Plus Size woman next to carousel - What to Wear to an Amusement Park Plus Size Guide
What to Wear to an Amusement Park Plus Size Guide

Be Comfortable 

Now I always start these guides with a disclaimer whenever I am writing what to wear guides and that is you should always prioritise clothes that you feel most comfortable in. This guide provides guidance and things to consider when putting together your theme park plus sized outfits but you should first and foremost feel comfortable.

Be Sensible with shoes

Whenever you go to an amusement park and no matter where in the world from Disneyland to Disney World to Dubai theme parks to Alton Towers, the chances are there will be a lot of walking involved. I have personally never done a day at any theme park where my step count has been less than 20K. 

Therefore the most important thing to pack is comfortable shoes and clothes that allow for walking. 

We often get asked whether you can wear flip flops to a theme park and although it is not against any theme park dress code rules that I know of, we would not recommend it because they offer very little in way of arch support. But we do sometimes recommend you popping a pair in your bag if there are lots of water rides.

Dress for the Season

It is really important to check the weather and dress appropriately for it whenever you are at a theme park.

We also recommend thinking about the types of fabrics that you add into your suitcase particularly if you are visiting a theme park in a hot weather location in summer. You want to wear light and breathable fabrics that reduce the amount you are likely to sweat. 

We also recommend picking colors that don’t show sweat or pit stains if you are traveling in summer as nothing will ruin your amusement park pictures quicker than having large pit stains.

What to Wear to Amusement Parks Plus Size Guide

What to Wear to Amusement Parks Plus Size Guide
What to Wear to Amusement Parks Plus Size Guide

T Shirts

A T shirt has to be my top pick for wearing at an amusement park no matter what season you are visiting. The reasons for this are

  • They are breathable
  • they are loose fitting

which make them very comfortable for a day at the parks. We recommend picking slightly longer t shirts which offer a bit more tummy or even bum coverage even with raised arms on rollercoasters.

Also you can find some great themed t shirts for instance Disney ones for Disney World or even Harry Potter ones for Universal or Snoopy ones for Knotts Berry for instance.


Leggings are a great choice for what to wear to theme parks when plus sized. In fact I think leggings are perfect for whatever size you are traveling to a theme park.

Why? Well they are stretchy, breathable and flexible and are really easy for climbing in and out of rides. 

There are lots of different leggings on the market but I recommend buying a pair that will be cool but also that when stretched or wet don’t become see through. 

Other things that you may want to consider when looking at the best leggings for Disney are if they are:

  • High waisted with tummy control
  • are moisture wicking 
  • have high elasticity which makes movement easy
  • are super soft

We have found some Pairs we like with all these features which you can find here.

However if you are one of those people who don’t like wearing leggings as outerwear then you could consider either layering leggings with a skirt or dress or wearing a different type of bottom. For instance you could wear instead:


If you prefer to wear a skirt over bottoms then that is fine too. I personally like a longer skirt for when you have to clamper in and out of rides but pick the length you are most comfy in.


Personally I am not a fan of wearing a dress at amusement parks. They can difficult getting in and out of rides in in my opinion but if you feel comfortable then my all means wear a dress.

On the rare occasions I do wear dresses to a theme park I wear a looser fitting one that is more comfortable in the heat like this but it is totally up to you based on the dress style you feel most comfortable in. 

Click here to shop dresses


Shorts are a perfect option in the hot weather. If you are worried about cellulite I would say don’t be. People aren’t at theme parks to look at other people but to enjoy themselves. So if you are comfortable wearing shorts then wear them. 

We love these types of shorts.

They have a pocket which is handy for when you have a phone on the rides and the higher waist means that they won’t be too revealing when you are getting on and off rides and pair perfectly with a looser fitting t shirt. 

Click here to shop these shorts. 

You might also want to think about adding shorts to your outfit if you are wearing a skirt or dress that is a little shorter. Some of the rides are no graceful getting in and out of so. having something underneath can preserve your dignity. 

If you do go for something under a skirt or a Dress then I would recommend getting shorts that are anti chaffing.

Click here to shop anti chaffing shorts. 

On top of these you might also want to consider bringing with you some anti chafing products such as Chub Rub. Shop Chub Rub here.


I always recommend layers hen you are traveling to an amusement park. This is obviously more important when traveling to theme parks in Winter months or if you are staying in the theme park late in the evening but we take them whenever we travel.

Best Shoes for Amusement Parks for Plus Sized People

Now if you are visiting theme parls the number one thing you need for your Plus Size Amusement Park Outfit is comfortable shoes. 

There is nothing worse than spending the day walking around the parks with sore feet and blisters. In my theme park day pack I always have some plasters and blister protectors just in case you do get a blister on your feet. 

In my opinion the best shoes for theme parks are:

  • sneakers
  • crocs

My number one shoe choice are sneakers as they offer great support and are designed for walking and spending lots of time in.

When looking at what sneakers to pack I would say just pack a pair you already own that you can walk long distances most comfortably in. However if you are looking for new sneakers anyway then our preferences tend to be Go Walks or All Birds. But if you do decide to purchase new sneakers for your trip then please do wear them in before travel to make sure that they don’t hurt your feet or get blisters in the park. 

If you want something more breathable however then you could consider such as a croc. For more information on whether Crocs are comfortable at theme parks check out this post.

The one type of shoes that I don’t recommend however is flip flops but I usually have these in my day pack for when riding water rides.

Best Theme Park Plus Size Outfits for Winter Months

If you are visiting theme parks in the winter then your outfits will need a bit more modification to deal with the weather.We would recommend adding:

  • more layers
  • closed toe shoes and potentially wearing socks if you like me get cold feet
  • jeans or longer length trousers

So there you have our ultimate guide to what to wear to amusement parks and theme parks? Have we missed your top tip on this list? Then drop us a comment and tell us your best advice for plus size amusement park outfits.