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What to Wear to Disney World Plus Size Outfit Guide

What to Wear to Disney World Plus Size Outfit Guide

Are you wondering what to wear to Disney World Plus Size? In this guide we will round up everything you need to know about the Disney Dress Code for Plus Sized People with zero judgment including some suggestions for the best plus size disney world outfits

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

Now I always start these guides with a disclaimer which is always wear what you feel most comfortable. So although this guide will tell you what should be on your Disney World Plus Size Packing list please make sure you pack the items you feel most comfortable in.

At Disney you will be doing lots of walking, spending lots of time on your feet queuing for dies and waiting for parades and climbing in and out of rides. Therefore you need to plan to be comfortable.

What to Wear to Disney World Plus Size Guide

Firstly when looking at things to wear to Disney World whether you are plus sized or not I recommend choosing fabrics that are light weight, breathable and won’t make you sweat. That is because no matter what time of year you visit Orlando it will be warm.

Now if you are visiting Disneyworld at a particular time of year be sure to also check out one of our monthly guides.

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T Shirts

A T shirt has to be my top pick for wearing at Disney World. They are breathable and loose fitting so you won’t get uncomfortable during a long day at the park.

This t Shirt is also perfect for Pooh Sized guests as it is a bit longer and will keep your tummy covered even with arms raised.

Now you could wear any t shirt you feel comfortable in but I love theming my outfits whenever I am at Disney World and this Minnie T shirt is perfect no matter if you are visiting Magic Kingdom, EPcot or any of the other parks

To shop plus sized t shirts for Disney World click here


Leggings are a great choice for what to wear to Disney World when plus sized. They are stretchy, breathable and flexible and are really easy for climbing in and out of rides.

There are lots of different leggings on the market but I recommend buying a pair that will be cool but also that when stretched or wet don’t become see through.

We think these leggings are perfect for a day at Disney World as the are

  • High waister with tummy control
  • are moisture wicking
  • have high elasticity which makes movement easy
  • are super soft

Click here to shop these leggings.

However I also know that there are some people out there who don’t think leggings are appropriate outerwear so for those people we recommend:


If you prefer to wear a skirt over bottoms then that is fine too. I personally like a longer skirt for when you have to clamper in and out of rides but pick the length you are most comfy in.

I really like these types of skirts and this one would be perfect if you are wondering what to wear to animal kingdom


Personally I am not a fan of wearing a dress at Disney World. They can difficult getting in and out of rides in in my opinion but if you feel comfortable then my all means wear a dress.

On the rare occasions I do wear dresses to Disney I wear a looser fitting one that is more comfortable in the heat like this but it is totally up to you based on the dress style you feel most comfortable in.

Click here to shop dresses


Shorts are a perfect option in the hot weather. If you are worried about cellulite I would say don’t be. People aren’t at Disney World to look at other people but to enjoy themselves. So if you are comfortable wearing shorts then wear them.

We love these types of shorts :

They have a pocket which is handy for when you have a phone on the rides and the higher waist means that they won’t be too revealing when you are getting on and off rides and pair perfectly with a looser fitting t shirt.

Click here to shop these shorts.

You might also want to think about adding shorts to your outfit if you are wearing a skirt or dress that is a little shorter. Some of the rides are no graceful getting in and out of so. having something underneath can preserve your dignity.

If you do go for something under a skirt or a Dress then I would recommend getting shorts that are anti chaffing.

Click here to shop anti chaffing shorts.

On top of these you might also want to consider bringing with you some anti chafing products such as Chub Rub. The Florida humidity can make your thighs pretty sweaty and this can help counter act the chaffing. Shop Chub Rub here.


I also recommend when you are traveling to Disney World to also take lots of layers. If you are waiting into the evenings at the parks for fireworks or illuminations then the temperatures will drop. So having some layers with you is a must.

I like to theme my top layer to Disney and this long sleeve sweater is super cute and perfect for the parks.

Click here to shop plus size Disney sweaters

Best Shoes for Disney World for Plus Sized People

Now if you are visiting Disney World the number one thing you need for your Plus Size Disney World Outfit is comfortable shoes.

There is nothing worse than spending the day walking around the parks with sore feet and blisters. In my Disney World day pack I always have some plasters and blister protectors just in case you do get a blister on your feet.

My number one shoe choice for Disney is sneakers as they offer great support and are designed for walking and spending lots of time in.

Can you wear Flip Flops to Disneyland? Can you wear flip flops at Disneyworld?
Can you wear Flip Flops to Disneyland? Can you wear flip flops at Disneyworld?

The one type of shoes that I don’t recommend however is flip flops – you can read more about why we don’t recommend wearing flip flops at Disney World here.

But the main point is that they offer no arch support. And while they may keep your feet cool you will pay a price for wearing them later in the day.

The sneakers we recommend are Sketchers Go Walks, All Birds and Toms. These are the ones we find most comfortable however pick whatever you find comfy.

But whatever you do make sure you wear them in before you go to the parks to make sure you don’t get blisters.

If you want something more breathable however then you could consider such as a croc which also have some cute Disney themed ones.

Whatever you do do not bring high heels with you to wear to the park. They are bad for your feet and back and are the worst type of shoes to take to the park.

If you have a really cute outfit you want to get some pics in heels in then only take them in a backpack and change into them. Do not spend the whole day walking around the parks in heel you will regret it.

Best Disney World Plus Size Outfits for Winter Months

What to wear to the Epcot / Epcot Disneybounding Ideas
What to wear to the Epcot / Epcot Disneybounding Ideas

One of the great things about Disney World is that you almost have year round good weather. However the winter months can become a little chilly.

Therefore it is even more important to have extra layers with you for these months. The sweater above is perfect or you could grab a spirit jersey in the parks but these are a slightly pricer option.

The Best Place to Buy Plus Size Disney World Outfits

In our option some of the best places to buy Plus Sized Disney World Outfits are:


Many of the plus sized products on Amazon go up to 5XL. There are lots of Disney shirts and theme cute t shirts which are perfect for Disney and there are also a great selection of Star Wars and also Disney Pixar Shirts and outfits.


Target is always one of my favourite go to places for Disney plus sized outfits.

Hot Topic

Again if you want to go to go to a high street store for Disney clothes the best plus sized Disney clothes in my opinion can be found at Hot Topic.


Torrid has some great Disney leggings but thy often sell out so be sure to shop for these in plenty of time.

Cherry Tree Lane Dress Shop in Disney Springs

We love shopping when we go to Disney Springs and in the park. If you are worried about not finding great Disney clothes in the parks if you are plus sized fear not. the Cherry Tree Lane Dress Shop in Disney Springs offers some fantastic plus sized Disney World outfits.

Disney bound Plus Size Ideas

There are plenty of Disney Bound Plus Sized ideas out there. Being plus sized shouldn’t constrain your thinking so be sure to check out some of our Disney bounding guides

Have you traveled to Disney World plus Sized? Be sure to let us know in the comments what your favorite Plus Size Disney World Outfit is.