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Can you wear Flip Flops to Disneyland and at Disney World?

Can you wear Flip Flops to Disneyland and at Disney World?

Can you wear Flip Flips to Disneyland? And what about Disney World – can you wear flip flops to Disney World? Believe it or not we get asked these questions A LOT! There are a lot of rumors about flip flops being against the Disneyland Dress Code or about people being asked to remove flip flops on certain rides. In this guide we will let you know if you are can wear flip flops to the Disney parks, the best flip flops for Disney World as well as some other top what to wear to Disney tips.

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Can you wear Flip Flops to Disneyland and Disney World?

In short you absolutely can wear flip flops to both Disneyland and Disney World and I have on several occasions.

The rumors that flip flops are against Disney dress code are completely unfounded and we have done lots of research no the Disney dress code requirements as we have posts on both of those things as there are a lot of rules – please do check them out if you are visiting one of these parks

However now that you know you can wear them – the next question should be SHOULD you wear flip flops to Disney.

Should you wear Flip Flops to Disney world or Disneyland?

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In my opinion no you should not wear flip flops to Disneyworld or Disneyland. While in the Florida heat it might be tempting to think flip flops are a good idea – and they might be for a while but you will pay for it later.

Flip flops offer absolutely no arch support and while they may be comfy for a while, it will do your feet no good to be walking around either Disneyland or Disney World all day.

My normal strategy for Disneyland, California Adventure or Disneyworld is to wear shoes that offer more arch support. My favorite shoes for Disney are sneakers. My personal preference is for Go Walks, All Birds or Toms but whatever you find comfy is fine.

However I will always have a pair of flip flops in my Disney day pack for use on the wet rides.

Top Tip: Whatever you decide to wear to Disney please make sure you wear them in first as there is nothing worse than getting a blister at Disney.

Can you Wear Flip Flips to Disneyland? Where Can’t you Wear Flip Flips at Disneyland?

As we have mentioned you can wear Flip Flops to Disneyland however we don’t recommend wearing them. But we do like wearing them on certain rides.

The rides we like to switch into our flip flops are:

  • Splash Mountain at Disneyland
  • Grizzly River Run at California Adventure.

Both of these are rides where you can get very very wet and which could leave you walking around in very wet shoes all day. By switching your shoes you can save yourself having to walk around in wet shoes for the whole day.

However there are some rides where you may be asked to remove flip flops because they might fall off and create a hazard. So if you do decide to wear flip flops you might have to remove them on the following rides:

  • Soarin Around the World – California Adventure
  • Silly Symphony Swings – California Adventure

Can you Wear Flip Flips at Disney World? Where Can’t you Wear Flip Flips at Disney World?

What to Wear to Magic Kingdom Disney World
What to Wear to Magic Kingdom Disney World

Again you can wear flip flips to Disney World – there are no rules against it but I would recommend them being not the only shoes you wear. Instead I recommend taking them in your Disney World day pack to change into for the wet rides.

At Disney world the rides we recommend changing into flip flops for are:

There are other rides where you might get a little splash but nothing else that would leave you in wet shoes if you weren’t wearing flip flops.

Again, like at Disneyland there is one ride where you may be asked to remove flip flops or other loose fitting shoes because they could be a hazard. That ride is

  • Soarin Around the World at Epcot.

Now we have discussed where it is best to have flip flops we need to think about what are the best flip flops for Disney

What are the best flip flops for Disney?

Now the reason we don’t recommend wearing flip flops to Disney is because of their lack of support. However some flip flops have more support than others and that is why we think the best flip flop for Disney are:

Clarks Women’s Sea Breeze

These shoes have more arch support than others. They have an Ortholite footbed and are really soft so perfect for long Disney days and if you are planning to just switch into flip flops this are a light weight option for your day pack.

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AEROTHOTIC Original Orthotic Comfort Thong Style Flip Flops Sandals

These are another great option as I they also have arch support. But what I love about these is they are a bit more stylish.

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Best men’s flip flops for Disney

For men we recommend Reef’s Men’s Phantom as they too come with arch support.

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Best flip Flop Alternatives for Disney

Another great option that are waterproof and suitable for Disney are Crocs. I know these are a love them or hate them item but Crocs have better support and dry really quickly and are breathable. For more information on whether Crocs are comfortable at Disney check out this post.

Also there are some great Disney themed ones out there

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What are your favorite shoes for Disney? We would love to hear in the comments below.