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Your Greece Dress Code Questions Answered

Your Greece Dress Code Questions Answered

We often get asked questions about what the Greece Dress Code is and how not to look like a tourist in Greece. In this guide we aim to demystify the rules over what to wear to Greece by asking your most frequently asked Greece outfit questions and giving you some outfit inspiration. 

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FAQS About the Greece Dress Code

Do you have questions about the Greek dress code? In this guide we aimed to answer any questions you may have about Greece dress code sensibilities.

It is worth noting however that the month of travel and also the region or travel i.e. Athens or Delphi on the mainland versus islands such as Mykonos and Santorini for instance will have different sensibilities about clothes.

Is there a dress code in Greece?

Woman in Green dress in Santorini Greece
Greece Dress Code

The good news is that there is not a Greece dress code per se. However there are some places where dress codes are enforced.

For instance, it is expected at churches in Greece that you will dress modestly, as you are expected too in most European churches i.e. Sagrada Familia, Vatican or Italian churches generally. .

Generally speaking the following areas should always be covered when visiting any church in Greece:

  • Shoulders 
  • Knees. 

Therefore when putting together your Greek Outfit for churches your should avoid wearing 

  • Sleeveless Tops
  • Mini Skirts
  • Shorts

This dress code is can be enforced and you may not be granted entry should your outfit not meet the rules. It is also worth noting that the Church Dress Code applies to both men and women

Is it OK to wear black in Greece?

Black actually is a color that has a long association with Greek national dress. Many of the older generation will still wear traditional black outfits and it is also commonly worn by those in mourning.

However you will also find black being worn by many of the younger and local people in their day to day dress.

Therefore if you want to wear black feel free too. However I personally avoiding this in peak summer season as it absorbs the heat.

What colors to wear to Greece?

Couple in Street in Oia in Santorini

The answer to what colors to wear to Greece is – wear whatever color you like. Though I personally avoid black in summer as I find it too hot, there is no dress code or rule to prevent you from doing so.

Personally I quite like to wear pastels our bold vibrant colors that can make your instagram shots pop when you are silhouetted against the white buildings you find throughout the country.

Can I wear shorts in Greece?

Woman overlooking Corfu

Yes you can absolutely wear shorts in Greece.

If you are selecting shorts to wear in a city in Greece I would select smarter shorts such as tailored shorts for men instead of cargo shorts. But women can wear a mixture of cotton shorts and denim shorts. Personally I like to stick to cotton shorts over denim shorts in the summer months due to the heat.

However if you want to visit churches then you will not be able to wear shorts as these do not cover your leg enough.

It is also worth mentioning that it is not common to see shorts being worn by either men or women in Greek restaurants.

However outside of the cities, shorts are more commonly worn by locals and tourists alike on beaches.

Therefore in answer to can you wear shorts in Greece I would say absolutely you can so long as you are not going to a religious site.

Can I wear crop tops in Greece?

Yes you can wear crop tops in Greece. These are most commonly worn by locals on the beach and in coastal settings as opposed to cities. And you would not be allowed to enter a church in a crop top.

However outside of churches there are no rules to say you can’t wear crop tops or would feel uncomfortable doing so.

Do you have to cover your shoulders in Greece?

The answer to do you have to cover your shoulders in Greece is yes and no.

If you plan to visit a church in Greece you absolutely have to keep your shoulders covered. You will not be permitted entry to some churches with bare shoulders. For this reason I always carry a pashmina with me in Greece and any place in Europe for that matter.

However outside of churches bare shoulders are perfectly acceptable especially in coastal settings and beach / island resorts.

Can you wear ripped jeans in Greece?

You can definitely wear ripped jeans in Greece. Ripped jeans are acceptable in Greece if they are done in a fashion way. However tatty and ripped jeans would not be acceptable.

Can I wear jeans in Greece?

Jeans are perfectly acceptable to wear in Greece. However I would avoid them in Summer and during the peak tourist season due to the heat.

However they are a great choice for Winter and cooler shoulder seasons (I tend to think jeans are a good addition to a packing list between November and March).

Do you need a jacket in Greece?

Woman sat at table on Mykonos Greece in October with cruise ship in background
What to wear in Greece in October

Lightweight jackets can be useful for Greece in the shoulder seasons or the winter.

I usually pack a denim jacket for travel in the shoulder months but for winter you may want a thicker jacket.

And if you plan on going skiing in Greece be sure to check out our skiing packing list.

Can I wear sneakers in Greece?

Sneakers are my go to shoe in Greece no matter the season or place. They are most comfortable for walking in. And trust me there is lots of walking involved in an Athens city break.

They can also cope with cobbles and uneven surfaces in some of Greeks more famous archaeological sites such as the Acropolis.

My favorite brands of sneakers for walking are Hoka and AllBirds, however you also can’t go wrong with a plain white sneaker as they go with everything fashion wise. One of my favorite pairs of white sneakers is the Adidas Cloud Foam shoes.

Can I wear flip flops in Greece? 

You can wear flip flops in Greece, there are no rules against it however I would strongly advise you not too when in cities and at archaeological sites. In fact I usually put them on my what not to wear in Greece list.

Flip flops offer very little arch support and aren’t great to wear on the uneven surfaces of Greece or for doing lots of walking and exploring the archaeological wonders.

Therefore I would keep the flip flops for wearing round by pools and on the beach whether that be a city beach or an island beach.

Do people wear leggings in Greece?

You will find that many tourists wear leggings in Greece however they are not commonly worn by locals, unless they are actually doing sports such as running.

Therefore if you want to look more like a local then I would recommend leaving the leggings at home. However if you feel comfortable in leggings and aren’t trying to fit in with local styles then by all means wear leggings.

What do you wear at night in Greece?

Athens dinner scene
What to wear in Greece at night

What to wear in Greece at night will really depend on where you are and what you are doing.

If you are going out for a nice dinner in a city, in the countryside or on the coast I would l adopt a smart casual dress code.

For more information on what to wear in Greece for dinner check out this post.

When I dress for dinner in Greece I avoid shorts and sneakers and opt for dresses and sandals or blouse and trousers for women depending on the time of year and chinos and shirts, either long and short sleeved, for men.

However if you are on one of the islands and looking for night club dress codes check out our island specific guides instead.

Do I need swimwear for Greece?

Beaches are a big part of many Greek holidays particularly on the islands.

If you do plan to visit a beach during your visit be sure to bring swimwear, a quick dry towel and a beach cover with you.

However in Winter it will likely be too cold to swim, unless you have access to a heated pool.

Personally for a one week Greek vacation packing list in summer I would add two swimsuits and two beach covers in summer. This way you have one swimsuit drying while the other can be worn.

Greece Dress codes

Woman at the Acropolis - What to Wear to the Acropolis dress code
What to Wear to the Acropolis dress code

When you are looking for how to dress for Greece, we advise taking all of the above advice into consideration but also thinking about how to dress for the weather.

Despite many people thinking of Greece as a year round warm destination this is in fact not true. And many places in Greece experiences four seasons. In fact some of the islands can get pretty strong winds all year round which can make the temperatures feel chillier.

For this reason we advise checking out our monthly what to wear in Greece guides to help you put together your Greek Capsule Wardrobe:

Generally speaking I would advise packing trousers / jeans along with t shirts and blouses for winter alongside coats and blazers.

However in summer I recommend sticking to Maxi dresses and skirts, with shoulders covered for days when you are planning to visit churches.

And a pashmina is an essential whatever time of year you are visiting Greece as it works as a great extra cover for churches and for when you feel chilly when dining al fresco.

And sunglasses are a must whatever season you visit Greece in.

What Else to Add to Your Greece Packing List

Monastitaki Square in Athens
Greece Dress Code

On top of the above the following items should be added to your Greece Packing List whatever season you are traveling in.

  • Travel Adapaters  for electronics – Greece uses standard European outputs and plugs.
  • Backpack – for storing items on your day trips.
  • Beach Bag – useful if you are visiting an island or plan on doing excursions by boat.
  • Crossbody Bag – anti theft type if you are planning to visit cities and tourist attractions which tend to attract pickpockets.
  • Quick Dry Towel – for those planning on spending time on the beach or on boat excursions. We recommend a quick dry one where possible.
  • Sun Screen – an essential in all areas of Greece. 
  • Aloe Vera / Aftersun – no one wants to get burnt however it is better to have this with you just in case. 
  • Lipbalm with SPF – as I mentioned the sun is strong so on top of sunscreen we recommend packing lip balm with sun protection. Our favorite brand at the minute is sun bum. 
  • Insect Repellant – repellant for mosquitos which are a problem in some parts of Greece.
  • Reusable Water Bottle – given the heat in Greece it is important to stay hydrated. We recommend taking a reusable water bottle to help you reduce your plastic waste while traveling. If you are worried about space try packing a collapsible one or have it in built to your backpack.
  • Medication
  • Sickness Medication – if you plan on using the ferries in Greece or are going on a Greek island cruise
  • Documentation – including passports and insurance.
  • Camera
  • Charging Equipment
  • Chub Rub – if you are worried about sweating and chaffing chub rub can be a life saver on hot days. 
  •  Power pack / Battery Pack

Are you traveling to Greece? Is there a question you have we haven’t answered? Then please leave us a comment below and we will do our best to answer.