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What Not to Wear to Disneyland

What Not to Wear to Disneyland

Are you heading to the happiest place on Earth and wondering what not to wear to Disneyland? In this guide we round up the Disneyland Dress code rules and the best alternatives, along with other fantastic how to dress at Disneyland tips to make sure you have a magical stay.

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Note: This guide is for what not to wear to Disneyland in California. If you want more information on what not to wear at Disney World or packing lists for specific parks then please check out the below guides:

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What not to wear to Disneyland  aka the Disneyland Dress Code

What Not to Wear At Disneyland Dress Code
What Not to Wear At Disneyland Dress Code

As you may or may not be aware there is definitely a Disneyland Dress Code which tells you what not to wear to Disneyland. The main things you should consider and avoiding wearing when picking your Disneyland outfit are:

No offensive clothing 

Disneyland is the most magical place on earth and Disney does a good job at protecting the parks family friendly atmosphere. 

Part of the protection of this family friendly atmosphere is through rules regarding offensive or graphic clothing. 

Therefore at Disneyland the following is not allowed

·      Items of clothing with swears or curses

·      Lewd or offensive graphics on clothing 

If you have any doubts about what you can wear at Disney in regards to slogans orimagery my main piece of advice is to keep it PG13. 

If you do not do this you may be refused entry until you comply with the Disney Dress Code. 

If you want to wear a highly graphical t shirt or a slogan tee then be sure that whatever you pick is family friendly. Even better why not try picking something with your favourite Disney Character on or their related saying.  

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No excessive skin showing

This one is tied into the above regarding the family friendly atmosphere and not causing offensive. 

Disney deems that excessive skin could be offensive and against their family friendly policy. 

What excessive skin is unfortunately isn’t defined anywhere so it can be up to individual cast members to decide what is or isn’t excessive. 

I therefore recommend dressing with caution when it comes to skin on show at Disneyland. Being a bit more modest and conservative will guarantee that you have no issues on entry to the park. 

I also think this is a good rule to follow as I would worry about what would happen on rollercoasters if I had a lot of skin showing. 

Excessive skin rules can come into play with crop tops, sports bras and ripped jeans. For more information on each of these and what can and can’t be worn at Disney please read on to our FAQs about what not to wear at Disneyland which will go into more detail on each of these. 

No costumes for adults

One of my favourite things when traveling with my toddler to Disney is that they get to wear costumes to Disneyland. However Disneyland dress code dictates that no adults can wear costumes to Disneyland (unless for a special event with special dispensation i.e. The Oogie Boogie Bash at Halloween).

There are several reasons for Disney not allowing adults to weat costumes to Disneyland but the biggest is involving safeguarding children from adults who they could confuse for cast members so it is a really strict rule and one that is strictly enforced  and quite rightly. 

However there are alternatives for adults who would like to dress up in costume but are not allowed at Disney. The best alternative for this is called Disney bounding or Disneybounding.  

Disney Bounding is essentially a way for teenagers and adults who can’t dress as their favourite characters to pay homage to them through their outfit choices. 

Disneybounding often includes the color palette or motifs used in your favourite characters costume but uses regular clothes instead of a costume. 

One of the most popular items I have seen for Disney bounding at Disneyland are these mermaid leggings for those wanting to Disneybound as Ariel. 

Disney Bounding is perfectly acceptable in the parks providing;

·      Your outfit does not qualify as a costume

·      You do not sign autographs as a character or pretend to be a Cast Member

·      It does not contain anything that could be deemed offensive or not family friendly

·      And for princess dresses can not drag along the floor

For some Disneybound inspiration check out the below posts


Wearing swimwear in the parks is a big no no. Very revealing swimsuits and string bikinis are against Disneyland rules and you can be turned away from the parks for wearing these. 

Don’t do it. If you do do this you may be requested to purchase another top that has more covering before being allowed inside. 

It just isn’t worth the risk and could be a costly mistake. 

High Heels

High heels are something I see quite a lot at the parks and I always think people will regret this come the end of the day. 

Disneyland vacations involve a lot of walking and heels won’t be good for your feet or comfortable for a while day in the park. 

Please leave the heels at home in favour of more comfortable shoes like sneakers. 

If you are doing something like Disneybounding or are wanting some perfect shots for Instagram then please feel free to take the heels but do carry some more sensible shoes around with you for when you have finished taking your shots. 

Trust me you and your feet will thank me. 

Shoes with Wheels 

Shoes with wheels such as Heelys are another banned item at Disney. They are both a hazard for you and other guests. 

Leave the shoes with wheels in at home in favour of just a regular pair of sneakers for your day in the parks. 

Can I wear flip flops to Disneyland?

This one isn’t banned but it is certainly on my what not to wear to Disneyland list. 

Flip flops offer very little in the way of arch support for your feet and you will be aching after wearing flip flops to the park all day. 

Instead of flip flops chose to wear something with more arch support that will be better for a long day of walking at the parks. 

For more information on wearing flip flops to Disneyland check out this post.

FAQs about what should you not wear to Disneyland

Is it OK to wear a dress to Disneyland?

Of course it is ok to wear a dress to Disneyland. Just be sure it doesn’t drag on the floor as it is a hazard and make sure it isn’t a costume. 

But if you are most comfortable in a dress feel free to wear a dress to Disneyland. I do it all the time. 

Can you wear leggings to Disney?

Yes you can wear leggings to Disney. In fact as I mentioned earlier lots of people chose to wear leggings as part of Disneybounding outfits.  They are also great if you are looking for a runDisney outfit.

In the height of summer however you may find leggings a little warm so it may be easier to opt for shorts instead. But do go in leggings if that is what you are most comfortable in.

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Can you wear a sports bra to Disneyland?

There isn’t a specific written rule about sports bras at Disneyland but I would say in answer to “can you wear a sports bra to Disneyland” no. 

As there are lots of rules at Disneyland about excessive skin I don’t think it is worth risking turning up in a sports bra personally.

Can you be shirtless at Disneyland?

The answer to can you be shirtless at Disneyland is of course a big NO

Shoes and shirts are required at all times in Disneyland and this rule applies to children as well as adults. 

Keep your shirt on at all times while in the parks – period!

Can you wear Crocs to Disney?

Crocs are a very popular comfortable footwear and the great news is that you can wear crocs at Disneyland whether you are man, woman or child.

In fact you will find them in Downtown Disney at many retailers with Disney tie ins but you will pay a premium for this so I recommend buying them in advance.

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Have you been to Disneyland? What would you add to this what not to wear at Disneyland list?