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What Not to Wear to Disney World

What Not to Wear to Disney World

Walt Disney World is a magical vacation but there is quite a long list on our what to not to wear to Disney World list. In this guide we round up what you should not wear to Disney World and offer the best alternatives to make sure you have the most magical vacation. 

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What Not to Wear to Disney World 

Walt Disney World is a magical vacation and one of the ways Disney maintains the magical atmosphere is by the enforcement of strict Disney dress code rules. In this section of the guide we will round up these rules and offer the best alternatives. 

Offensive Clothing

In my opinion this one should be obvious but people have been caught out with this. As Disney World  is a family vacation you can not wear clothing with anything offensive on it. 

This includes any items of clothing that has swear words or curses on. 

Instead if you want to wear something with a slogan on be sure to pick something appropriate for the family audience you will encounter at Disney. Go for something about happiness or kindness. 

Or even better pick something that ties in with your favourite Disney character. 

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High Heels 

Whenever we travel to Disney, we clock a crazy amount of steps on our Fitbit. We definitely could not do our favourite Disney World itineraries in high heels. 

If you want to wear high heels for your favourite Disney World Instagram shots be sure to have an extra pair of shoes with you to use for the rest of the day when you are not taking photos. 

We always recommend wearing trainers with good arch support to make sure your feet can handle all the walking you are about to do. 

And you can always pick a jazzy pair like these sequined sneakers. If you can’t wear sequined sneakers in Walt Disney World where can you wear them.

Flip Flops

For the same reasons as above I don’t recommend wearing flip flops to Disney World. 

Flip flops offer no arch support and are really bad for your feet for doing a whole day at Walt Disney World. For more information on wearing flip flops at Disney World click here.

If you don’t want to wear sneakers and want a shoe that is more open be sure to get something that is breathable but offers more support to your foot. We recommend something like this. 

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Shoes with Wheels and Inline skates

Although heelys can be popular with children and adults alike these should eb on your what not to pack for Disney world list. 

They are a potential hazard to both wearer and other guests and are not permitted to be worn in the parks. 

Instead choose a regular pair of sneakers. 

New Shoes

Nothing can ruin a day at Disney more than getting a blister. Any shoe you do decide to wear at Disney should be well worn in before you go. 

You will be walking a lot so be sure to have broken in the shoes you plan to wear in advance. 

And always take a little first aid kit with you just in case. 


I am not sure why you would want to wear swimwear to Disney World but some people do turn up to the parks in swimwear. 

Very revealing swimsuits and string bikinis are against Walt Disney World rules and you can be turned away from the parks for wearing these.

Don’t do it. If you do do this you may be requested to purchase another top that has more covering before being allowed inside. 

It just isn’t worth the risk and could be a costly mistake. 

Excessively Torn Clothes & Too much skin

There is also a rule against excessively torn clothing at Disney World. Although there isn’t a magic line that tells you what is excessively ripped and what is acceptable I recommend playing it safe and not wearing ripped clothes to Disney World. 

I would presume that this rule is to prevent butt cheeks hanging out of shorts but it is at the discretion of staff so I would recommend choosing something other than ripped clothes. 

And because of the family friendly nature of the park you can be turned away if you outfit is overly revealing. 

While overly revealing is at the discretion of staff it is best to wear an outfit that is family friendly and doesn’t show too much skin.


While not a rule I recommend limiting the amount of jewelry you take with you. There are lots of scenarios in Walt Disney World where you could lose a piece of jewelry and nothing would ruin your Disney day than a lost piece of expensive jewelry.

Also as a person who has had an accident involving a piece of jewelry getting caught on something (though not at Disney I hasten to add), I would recommend leaving them at home or in a hotel safe to be extra cautious.

Synthetic Fabrics

Days at Walt Disney World can be long sticky affairs. Be sure to wear natural fabrics that are breathable that will make you less uncomfortable in the heat. 

Costumes for Adults

While there is nothing more adorable than seeing a little kids dressed up as their favourite princesses or Pixar character, this is a big big no no for adults. 

There are several reasons for this which include safeguarding children from adults who they confuse for cast members so it is a really strict rule and one that is strictly enforced quite rightly. 

Note: there are exceptions for this rule such as at special events like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party but generally speaking adults can’t wear costumes. 

However there are alternatives to dressing up in the form of Disney bounding. 

Disney Bounding is essentially a way for teenagers and adults who can’t dress as their favourite characters to pay homage to them through their outfit choices

Disney Bounding is perfectly acceptable in the parks providing;

·      Your outfit does not qualify as a costume

·      You do not sign autographs as a character or pretend to be a Cast Member

·      It does not contain anything that could be deemed offensive or not family friendly

·      And for princess dresses can not drag along the floor

For some Disneybound inspiration check out the below posts

What Not to wear At Walt Disney World World Restaurants

Aside from the above rules some of the Disney World Restaurants also have their own dress codes. 

Restaurants that Walt Disney World define as Signature dining restaurants are those that have a dress code. 

The signature restaurants that have more stringent dress codes include

·      California Grill

·      Citricos at the Grand Floridian 

·      Flying Fish 

·      Il Mulino New York Trattoria 

·      Jiko at Animal kingdom

·      Narcoossee’s at Grand Floridian 

·      Shula’s Steakhouse

·      Todd’e English’s bluezoo

·      Topolino’s Terrace

·      Yachtsman Steakhouse

The dress code at signature dining experiences can be defined as business casual and therefore the following items are not permitted to be worn

·      Tank tops

·      Swimwear

·      Hats for men

·      Graphic or offensive items

·      Cut offs

·      Ripped clothing. 

Jeans are allowed but they must be in good condition. However khakis are probably more preferable for men and capri pants or skirts or dress. 

The strictest dress code of any of the signature dining options at Walt Disney World is Victoria Albert’s where dinner jackets must be worn for men and a cocktail dress, pant suit or skit and blouse for women. Here capri pants, jeans shorts, sandals, tennis shoes and flip flops are not permitted. 

Of course these rules are subject check so be sure to check the dress code before arrival to avoid disappointment.

What not to pack for Disney World 

On top of the clothing items listed above there are also non clothing that should be on your what not to pack for Disney World list. 

These include but are not limited to: 

·      Drones, tripods, selfie sticks  and large amount of camera equipment 

·      Skates

·      Strollers with dimensions above 31 inches wide and 52 inches long. 

·      Trailers and wagons and other large things with wheels

·      Folding chairs

·      Weapons – real or toy

·      Alcohol

If you are unsure of whether something will be allowed in Disney be sure to call and check with Disney before travel.  

FAQs About What not to wear At Disney World 

Can you wear leggings at Disney World?

Although Disney does have strict Disney dress code rules for guests the answer to “Can you wear leggings at Disney world” is that you absolutely can. 

While if you are going to Disney World in summer leggings may be a little warm and you may prefer shorts you could wear leggings to Disney world anytime you wanted. 

Black leggings are obviously one of the more versatile leggings to wear but will be the hottest in the summer months at Disney World. 

When I have been at Disney I have seen a lot of adults Disney bounding as the Little Mermaid with scale leggings but there are lots of Disney leggings out there as many people wear them to Run Disney. 

If you want to Disneybound at Disney World check out this post. 

Can I wear ripped jeans to Disney?

The answer to “Can I wear ripped jeans to Disney” is a complicated one. Because on the surface yes you can wear ripped jeans to Disney but this comes with a big BUT. 

The BUT is that there is a rule against excessive ripping. What counts as excessive ripping however is not quantified and is up to the discretion of the staff. 

I suspect that excessive ripping would be to deter people from wearing an outfit that is overly revealing however I would urge caution when wearing ripped jeans just in case. 

Can you wear tube tops to Disney? Can you wear strapless tops to Disney

You can absolutely wear tube tops to Disney providing they keep you well covered. However I personally would not wear them because I don’t find them that comfortable for long days on rides and would be paranoid about them slipping.

However if you are comfortable feel free to wear a tube top to Disney.

Can you wear anything to Disney

No you can not wear anything to Disney. Disney has a strict dress code for visitors. Check the above information for more on what this is.

Can I have colored hair at Disney?

Disney does actually have some dress code rules regarding colored hair at Disney however this is in relation to Cast Members rather than visitors. Cast Members at Disney are not permitted to have hair extreme hair dyes. This includes extreme bleaching and coloring. 

However if you are a visitor asking “Can I have colored hair at Disney” the answer is you absolutely can. 

Should I wear Birkenstocks to Disney?

In answer to Should I wear Birkenstocks to Disney the answer is you absolutely can. Birkenstocks are one of my favourite sandals whereever I am travelling. The only advice I would give is that be sure yo have them fully worn in vefore you head to the parks. 

Can you wear Crocs to Disney?

In answer to “Can you wear Crocs to Disney” is that you absolutely can. In fact crocs are sold throughout the parks and there are some great Disney themed crocs out there especially for kids. 

Crocs are personally not my style in the parks however you want to go ahead and wear Cros to Disney. Click here to shop Disney crocs.

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Have you been to Walt Disney World? What would you add to this what not to wear in Disney World Guide? What would you leave at home next time