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What to Wear to Animal Kingdom

What to Wear to Animal Kingdom

Heading to Walt Disney World and wondering what to wear to Animal Kingdom? In this guide we cover the best things to wear at Animal Kingdom for men, women and children as well as answer all your burning questions on what to pack for Animal Kingdom from what shoes should I wear to Animal Kingdom to the best Animal Kingdom Disneybounding ideas. 

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What’s Next: Although Walt Disney World is treated in many guides as one giant theme park, Disney World is made up of several parks that each have a different theming and look. We recommend where you can theming your outfit to the park so why not check out our guides to each individual park

Note: Is there a particular month you are visiting Walt Disney World In? If so then why not check out our monthly what to wear guides:

What to wear to Animal Kingdom

What shoes should I wear to Animal Kingdom?

Whichever park you are going to at Walt Disney World you will be doing a lot of walking and Animal Kingdom is absolutely no exception. 

In my opinion the best type of shoes to wear to Animal Kingdom are sneakers. The type of sneakers really doesn’t matter and should be whatever you feel most comfortable in. 

They  could be glittery or even Disney themed otherwise just wear whatever sneakers you have. If you do buy new sneakers for Disney just be sure you have worn them in to prevent blisters while walking in Animal Kingdom. 

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Can you wear flip flops to Animal Kingdom

While flip flops aren’t against the Disney dress code rules but they are firmly on my what not to wear to Disney world list. This is because they offer no arch support and aren’t great for long days of walking at Animal Kingdom. For more info on wearing flip flops at Disney World click here.

However, unlike in some of the other parks I would recommend taking some flip flops in your day pack for Animal Kingdom. Flip flops aren’t on my what to wear at Epcot list because Epcot does not have any water rides where you will get thoroughly soaked. 

However, at Animal Kingdom there is a chance for this for people who want to ride the Kali River Rapids. Therefore having a pair of flip flops in your day pack will prevent you from having to walk around the park in soggy sneakers. 

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What to wear at Animal Kingdom for Women

Shorts (quick dry)

If you are a woman wondering what to wear at Animal Kingdom I would advise sticking to shorts instead of a dress or a skirt. 

Neither a dress or a skirt will break the Disney dress code rules but they definitely aren’t as easy for clamoring in and out rides at Animal Kingdom. They are ok at parks like Epcot where there are less rides but you will be going on a lot of rides at Animal Kingdom. 

Also as there is a water ride where you could get completely soaked we recommend wearing a pair of shorts that are quick dry. 

Alternatively if you don’t feel comfortable in shorts or if you are traveling to Animal Kingdom in Winter you could opt for a pair of leggings instead. 

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T Shirt 

You can’t go wrong with a t-shirt for a day at Animal Kingdom. Although plain t-shirts are fine for whichever Disney World Park you are going to. However I personally prefer to wear a T Shirt that is themed to characters that you can meet in the parks ( be sure to check our FAQ section which has a comprehensive guide to unique animal kingdom meet and greets). 

But generally you can guess that the Unique Meet and Greets here will be connected to the Lion King, The Jungle Book and Up. 

A hakuna Matata t shirt is a great option for a lion king theme top that can also be worn outside of the park. 

Or alternatively you could find some great Jungle Book t shirts for the entire family. 

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Safari Clothes

It should be no surprise that the newest Disney World Park, Animal Kingdom has a safari theme. 

When you meet some of the classic Disney characters at Animal Kingdom you will find them in Safari get up. Therefore it is a lovely idea to join the theme by wearing khakis and other safari type clothes just like these ones. 

Animal Print 

If you aren’t keen on the safari themed clothing then another way to pay homage to animal kingdom is by wearing Animal Print. 

You could just go for an animal print t shirt or shorts like these one. 

Or alternative mix and match a Disney image with animal print. I personally love this triple Mickey head with animal prints 

Alternatively you could pay homage to Avatar in your attire given the prominence of the Tree of Life in the center of Animal Kingdom. 

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Sunglasses are a must when you are traveling to any Disney World Park. Do not underestimate how strong the sun can be. 

What to wear to Animal Kingdom as a Man

There really isn’t much of a difference between what to wear for a man or woman at Animal PArk. 

Again we recommend 

  • Quick Dry shorts 
  • Animal Kingdom themed t shirts 
  • Safari colors or animal print. 

What are the best Animal Kingdom Outfits for Kids 

When my kids travel to Disney they always love to dress up in costumes. I especially love to have them in costumes relating to Unique Meet and Greets as I find this increases the character interaction. 

The unique character interactions at Animal Kingdom usually tie to Lion King, Jungle Book, Up, Inside Out and Wreck it Ralph. 

I personally find it a bit to hot at Walt Disney World for kids to dress up as Lion King and Jungle Book characters so I think you are better in T shirts that are themed. 

If you, like my family, enjoy family Disney vacation t-shirts then you could consider buying your whole group ANimal Kingdom t-shirts like these.

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Best Animal Kingdom Disneybounding ideas

If you want to do an Animal Kingdom Disneybound I would recommend picking a Lion King, Jungle Book or Wreck it Ralph character as this is the only park where you can meet these characters (Though it is worth checking what meet and greets are on during your stay as these are subject to change). 

Here are some inspirations for Lion King and Jungle Book Disney bounds but my personal favourite Animal Kingdom Disney Bound is Joy from Inside Out. 

It is really easy to put together a Joy Disney Bound with either a yellow skater dress or yellow short and top combo combined with teal accessories like the one below. 

If you have done a Disney Bound at ANimal Kingdom I’d love to know who you went as and what you wore so please do leave a comment. 

FAQS About Animal Kingdom Outfits 

What are the best Ears for Animal Kingdom?

No matter what Disney Park I am at I always wear Mickey EArs. If you are looking for the best animal Kingdom themed Mickey ears I would go for a pair of animal print ones like the ones below

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What are unique Meet and Greets at Animal Kingdom to theme your outfit to?

Animal Kingdom isn’t as famed as some of the other Disney World Parks for it’s meet and greets but there are still plenty of characters to meet here including some unique meet and greets to ANimal Kingdom. 

The characters that can often be found as part of Animal Kingdom Meet and Greets are; 

  • Rafiki and Timon from the Lion King 
  • Baloo and King Louie from the Jungle Book
  • Kevin from Up
  • Pocahontas 
  • Dug and russell from Up
  • DiVine a tree creature that wanders around the park and blending into the landscaping 

On top top these you can see classic characters usually in their Safari outfits

  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse
  • Goofy
  • Chip and Dale
  • Scrooge McDuck
  • Donald Duck
  • Pluto

Do you need a bathing suit for Animal Kingdom

Swimwear is on the What not to wear at Disney World List so I would not bring a bathing suit with you. 

There is one wet ride at Animal Kingdom which you are guaranteed to get wet at. That ride is the Kali River Rapids. 

The Kali River Rapids are a whitewater rafting type ride and you are almost guarunteed to get wet on this ride. We recommend making sure what to wear to Animal Kingdom considers how you will handle getting wet on this ride. 

We recommend having something quick dry with you like these Quick Dry shorts and carrying a pair of flip flops in your Walt Disney World Day Pack to change into for this ride alone. 

We don’t recommend wearing flip flops any other time in Animal Kingdom except for on this Animal Kingdom wet ride a they don’t offer enough support. 

However some people like to combine a trip to Animal Kingdom with the water parks. If you wish to do this then we recommend packing your swimwear and changing into this once oyu get to the Disney Parks.

Have you been to Animal Kingdom? Please leave us a comment and let us know what you like to wear at Animal Kingdom.