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What to Wear to Epcot (Outfits and Guidance)

What to Wear to Epcot (Outfits and Guidance)

So you are heading to Walt Disney World and wondering what to wear to Epcot. In this guide we will round up what to wear to Epcot for women, men and children including the best Disney characters to dress up as and the best Disney bounding ideas for Epcot. 

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

Note: This guide is intended to cover just Epcot but if you want to know what to wear at all of the parks at Walt Disney World check our specific park by park break down which looks at unique meets and greets, presence of water rides and more then you will want to check out our individual Disney theme park by park guides. 

And while you will have a great time no matter the month you visit, if there is a particular month you are visiting Walt Disney World in then why not check out our monthly what to wear guides:

Best Shoes for Epcot

It is really important to get the footwear right whichever Walt Disney World Park you are visiting. However out of all the Walt disney World parks Epcot may be the park you will do the most walking at so having the right, and by right I mean comfortable shoes, is especially important.  

The reason is this park is spread over a large footprint encompassing the rides and the educational World Showcase Area.

Also remember there are shoes on the what not to wear to Disney World List but these include things like Healys which are outright banned at Disney World.

I would also avoid wearing flip flops to Epcot as these just don’t offer adequate foot support for lots of walking. 

Instead of these I would opt to wear sneakers or tennis shoes for walking at Epcot. I personally love the All Birds Tree Runner brand for those traveling to Epcot during the hot weather months. However if you want more of a state I love these Betsey Johnson sneakers!

Alternatively for children And adults as well (though in adults this item tends to be more love em or hate) we recommend wearing crocs. They are often breathable and offer support to the feet. 

The great thing about these is also you can get some great Disney themed ones and if you forget them then there are plenty of stores in Disney itself that will be selling these though often at the highest RRP.

These also cope well with rain, which can be significant. Florida weather can be unpredictable and if you are traveling to Florida during rainy days or hurricane season you will find that your shoes will get soaked on more than one occasion. However Crocs dry quickly and water drains quickly which makes them a great shoe for Epcot.

For more information on if Crocs are comfortable for Disney check out this post.

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What to Wear to Epcot for women

What to Wear to Epcot


Although I tend to not put a dress on the what to wear in Magic Kingdom list or in other Walt Disney World Park you can definitely do Epcot in a cute dress. 

The reason for this is because there are less rides at Epcot than the other parks so you don’t need to worry about getting in and out of the rides as much. 

Just be sure it isn’t overly revealing. 

My favorite type of dress in the park tends to be a maxi or a midi dress like this one which makes cute outfits for Epcot.

Just be sure that you pick a dress made of breathable fabrics rather than man made to reduce sweat and help you cope better with the heat.

To shop dresses click here


However if dresses aren’t your thing then I would recommend going for a nice pair of shorts that you are comfortable doing a lot of walking in. 

I usually pack quick dry athletic shorts when I am traveling to Disney parks so they dry quickly after I have been on a wet ride. 

Added bonus is if you can find a pair with pockets so you have somewhere to carry your phone and other important bits when you are on rides.

Epcot does not have a ride that will get you absolutely drenched like you will on Splash Mountain for instance. However there is a wet ride in the form of the log flume ride Frozen Ever After. However this ride may splash you but won’t get you soaked through. 

Despite this I would still use quick dry shorts as these are better for a Walt Disney World capsule wardrobe. 

Also generally speaking I avoid denim shorts for any Disney theme park I Florida as these aren’t comfortable in hot weather but this is just personal preference.

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However if you prefer something with a longer length then you can not go wrong with black leggings.

T Shirt / Tank Tops

T Shirts and tank tops are great whichever Disney park you are going to. You could opt for something plain or something you already have in your wardrobe. 

No products found.

However I like to wear Disney themed T shirts with short sleeves when in Epcot. There are some great Epcot themed T shirts which will add some location specificity to your attire. 

However if you don’t want an epcot theme t shirt I would opt for something related to your favorite character you could see in the park. 

Epcot actually has some unique meet and greets and as such I would pick a t shirt relating to one of these unique meet and greets. 

Some of the unique Epcot meet and greets include:

  • Anna and Elsa at the Norway Pavilion
  • Mulan at the China Pavilion
  • Donald Duck in a sombrero at the Mexico Pavilion
  • Vanellope at Image Works
  • Joy at ImageWork

But you could also see 

  • Snow White in the Germany Pavilion Wishing Well
  • Jasmine at the Morocco Pavilion 
  • Alice in the UK Pavilion Gardens
  • Mary Poppins in the UK Pavilion Gardens
  • Belle in the France Pavilion Promenade
  • Aurora at the France Pavilion Promenade

I would opt for a t shirt for one of the unique meet and greets as these are the meets and greets i would prioritise at Epcot but you could do any. Therefore I like T shirts that relate to Mulan or Frozen. 

I really like this Mulan T shirt as it could also be worn and tie in nicely for what to wear to the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival.

I also really like this Arendelle Ice Company t shirt as it isn’t as overtly Disney as some others but will certainly get a reaction for characters at meet and greets at Epcot. 

Alternatively with the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride Cosmic Rewind has added some Marvel elements to Epcot. So if you are more a Marvel than classic Disney person I would wear something Guardians of the Galaxy related here. 

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Tank tops are a good choice for those who want to keep cool in the hot weather however be sure to have plenty of sunscreen with you so your shoulders don’t burn in the Florida sun.

What to wear at Epcot for men

Now we have considered what to wear at Epcot for women we will turn our attention to men. 

I really don’t think the Epcot outfit ideas for men differs to other Disney World parks. However you may, as with the women’s list want to include some park specific items including:


Shorts again, quick dry where possible will be most comfortable for men in the parks what ever season you are visiting. 

T Shirt

Disney themed clothing shouldn’t be exclusive to women and children so  I would try and theme your t shirt the same. You could also go for the same t shirt for men and women to have family vacation t shirts. 

Again I really love the Frozen themed shirts which comes in male sizings too

However there are also men’s Mulan themed t shirts available too

Or if you are more Marvel orientated than Disney orientated than you could wear a Guardians of the Galaxy top instead to tie in with the new ride Cosmic Rewind. 

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Best Epcot Outfits for Kids 

If you are looking for the best Epcot outfits for kids then I would consider some Disney costumes. My little ones love character meet and greets and get the best interactions when you are dressed as them. Therfore for Epcot outfits for kids I would consider:

Mulan Costume 

For use at the China Pavillon. Mulan is only available as a meet and greet in Epcot so if your child wants to meet and dress up as Mulan this is their one and only chance.

Click here to shop for Mulan costumes.

Frozen Costumes

Again there is only one place in Disney World where you can meet the ladies of Frozen. The place to meet Elsa and Anna is only at the Norway PAvillon at Epcot.

Anna has recently been dressed in her queen attire rather than the princess Anna dress from film one but you will get a great reaction whatever Frozen outfit you are in. 

Alternatively if you kids don’t like costumes or they feel too hot in them at Epcot you should consider getting a character themed t-shirt. 

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Disneybounding Epcot Outfits 

What to wear to the Epcot / Epcot Disneybounding Ideas

It is against Disney dress codes for adults to dress up but there is a way around this. Disneybounding is a way to pay homage to your favorite characters when you can’t wear a costume to Disney as an adult. 

The best Disney bounding Epcot outfits for me have to be related to Anna, elsa and Mulan because these characters can only be met at Epcot. 

Disney bounds tend to utilise the color palette and silhouettes of the Disney character outfit and I have included a bit of Disneybounding inspirations below.

Anna Disneybound

For a complete Anna Disneybounding idea inspiration click here

Elsa Disneybound

For a complete Elsa Disney bounding idea inspiration click here

Mulan Disneybound

For a complete Mulan Disneybounding idea inspiration click here

Best Mickey Ears for Epcot

Mickey Ears for me are an essential part of any Disney World outfit but there are some great Epcot themed ones out there. 

The classic ears for Epcot have to be ones that play with the silhouette of the famous Epcot Ball. However one of my favorite things about Epcot is the special events that it holds. The most famous has to be the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival and the International Flower and Garden Festival.

Shop Disney Epcot Ears here

Food and Wine Festival Ears

While not officially themed for the Food and Wine Festival there are loads of great ears around that incorporate food. We absolutely adore these donut ears that would be perfect for Epcot, the Food and Wine Festival or the Disney foodie in your life.

Shop Disney Food Ears Here.

International Flower and Garden Ears 

The other big Festival in the Epcot calendar is the International Flower and Garden Festival. There are loads of ears that feature a flower motif that would be perfect for visitors during this festival – click here to shop floral Disney Ears.

Or you could go for a unique character that you find at Epcot. i.e. Remy from Ratatouile, Frozen or Mulan ears and you can never go wrong with simple Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse Ears.

What to Bring to Epcot 

What to Wear to Orlando at Night - What to wear to Epcot at Night
What to Wear to Orlando at Night – What to wear to Epcot at Night

On top of the above clothing we recommend always traveling to Epcot with the following items.


Epcot is a very bright and sunny park and it is a good idea to stay sun safe no matter the time of year you visit. While you can theme your sunglasses too we usually just take a pair we have already at home. We don’t recommend taking your most expensive pair however as there is a risk of damage at the parks.

We do usually pack themed glasses for our little ones though as a way to try and encourage them to wear them.

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Sun Screen 

For the same reason as above you will need lots of sunscreen.


If you are visiting Epcot in the summer months then a portable fan is a great addition to your packing list to counter the warm weather.

If you are traveling to Epcot with toddlers then a clip on stroller fan is also a great way to ensure your little one stays cool in the heat.

Rain Poncho

Whether you need this will depend on the month of travel and the weather forecast. However no matter the time of year you visit we recommend having a rain poncho in your day pack for if you should you get caught in a downpour.

These are available in the parks if you don’t remember to pack one however buying one in advance from retailers such as Amazon will be much cheaper.

Click here to buy rain ponchos.

Chub Rub

Chub rub is great for Disney’s Pooh sized guests who are travelling in hot weather. This will reduce chaffing and make walking round the parks more comfortable.

Click here to Chub Rub here..

Note: if you are traveling to Disney World plus size check out this post.

Day Back and Fanny Bag

Any Disney vacation at Epcot will involve long days and involve lots of walking, rides and long lines. Therefore you will need to make sure you pack a good day back with you. I like to pack a backpack as I am usually traveling with toddlers who come with a lot of stuff.

However other popular choices include Disney themed loungefly backpacks.

And for those who are traveling with more minimal items a fanny bag is a great pick too. We recommend getting a Disney fanny pack if you can!

FAQS about what to wear to Epcot

What to wear to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival

What to wear to the Epcot Food and wine Festival

For me the best thing to wear to the Epcot Food and wine festival has to be something ratatouille themed such as a t shirt from the famous culinary disney star. 

Will I need a swimming costume / bathing suit for Epcot?

Epcot is not a Disney water park and doesn’t have water rides or splash areas. Therefore you won’t need a bathing suit for Epcot.

What to wear to Epcot in Winter?

If you are visiting Epcot in Winter we recommend having some layers with you to cope with the cooler temperatures and Winter Florida weather.

For instance we recommend having a hoodie and a light jacket with some waterproofing with you if you are traveling to Epcot in the winter months.

Are there dress codes at Epcot?

All Disney World parks have a dress code (you can read about the Disney World dress codes here) . These tend to include wearing no costumes as adults and not wearing items that may cause offensive i.e. anything with rude graphics or offensive language or items that are deemed overly revealing.

What to wear to Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

Epcot does some amazing Festivals. One of the best is Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. If you are wondering what to wear to Epcot Flower and Garden Festival I would say try and up the floral content with a floral dress or floral skirt. 

Alternatively you could get a Disney t shirt. The ones I like for the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival are Alice flowers ones as this ties into the Epcot Meet and greets and the flower themes. 

Or even though she isn’t usually a meet and greet in Epcot you could go with something themed for Isabella from Encanto as there is no bigger flower fan and Isabella. 

What else do you recommend to bring to Epcot?