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What to Wear to Magic Kingdom

What to Wear to Magic Kingdom

Are you heading to Walt Disney World and wondering what to wear to Magic Kingdom? The great news is that in my opinion Magic Kingdom outfits are the easiest ones to come up because Magic Kingdom is home to all of the classic Disney characters and princesses. However you still need to be practical. In this guide we will round up what to wear to Magic Kingdom for men, women and children, the best shoes for Magic Kingdom and of course the Best MAgic Kingdom outfits and costumes and the best Magic Kingdom Disneybounds. 

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

Note: This guide is intended to cover just Epcot but if you want to know what to wear at all of the parks at Walt Disney World check our specific park by park break down which looks at unique meets and greets, presence of water rides and more then you will want to check out our individual park by park guide. 

And if there is a particular month you are visiting Walt Disney World In then why not check out our monthly what to wear guides:

What Not to Wear to Magic Kingdom

What Not to Wear to Disney / What Not to Wear to Magic Kingdom
What Not to Wear to Disney / What Not to Wear to Magic Kingdom

What shoes should I wear to Magic Kingdom

Whichever park you are going to at Walt Disney World you will be doing a lot of walking and Magic Kingdom is absolutely no exception. When we go to Magic Kingdom we love to be there from rope drop to fireworks at the end of the night. 

This means you will be on your feet a long time so you absolutely need to have comfortable shoes on. In my opinion the best type of shoes to wear to Magic Kingdom are sneakers. 

The type of sneakers really doesn’t matter and should be whatever you feel most comfortable in. They  could be glittery or even Disney themed otherwise just wear whatever sneakers you have. I actually have a soft spot for blue/white glittery sneakers that are my own take on Cinderella’s glass slipper and always get a comment. 

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If you do buy new sneakers for Disney just be sure you have worn them in to prevent blisters while walking in Magic Kingdom. 

Can you wear flip flops to Magic Kingdom 

While flip flops aren’t against the Disney dress code rules but they are firmly on my what not to wear to Disney world list. This is because they offer no arch support and aren’t great for long days of walking at Magic Kingdom. For more info on wearing flip flops at Disney World click here.

However, unlike in some of the other parks I would recommend taking some flip flops in your day pack for Magic Kingdom. Flip flops aren’t on my what to wear at Epcot list because Epcot does not have any water rides where you will get thoroughly soaked. However this is not the case at Magic Kingdom. 

Magic Kingdom has several wet ride including the one that in my opinion has the chance of getting you wettest. That of course is Splash Mountain. 

Splash Mountain is a traditional log flume ride that is themed on Song of the SOuth and Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox but is soon to undergo a much needed and overdue revamp to be themed to the fantastic Princess and the Frog. 

Given how wet you may get on this ride it is therefore advisable having a pair of flip flops in your day pack which will prevent you from having to walk around the park in soggy sneakers all day. 

A great alternative, especially for kids in my opinion are crocs. These also dry super quickly and there are some really lovely Disney designs out there.

There are plenty of places where you can buy Disney crocs in the parks and at Disney springs however you will pay a premium for this. Therefore we recommend buying these in advance of your trip. Click here to shop Disney Crocs here.  

What to wear at Magic Kingdom for Women

 Shorts (quick dry)

If you are a woman wondering what to wear at Magic Kingdom I would advise sticking to shorts instead of a dress or a skirt. 

It is best if you try and find a pair with some pockets too as this comes in very handy when you are on a ride.

Dresses and skirts are ok at parks like Epcot where there are less rides but you will be going on a lot of rides at Magic Kingdom. 

Neither a dress or a skirt will break the Disney dress code rules but they definitely aren’t as easy for clamoring in and out rides at Magic Kingdom. Especially on the rides such as Prince Charming’s REgal Carrousel. 

Also as there is a water ride where you could get completely soaked we recommend wearing a pair of shorts that are quick dry. 

Alternatively if you don’t feel comfortable in shorts or if you are traveling to Magic Kingdom in Winter you could opt for a pair of leggings instead. There are some great princess leggings available that are also great for Disneybounding at Magic Kingdom but more on that later. 

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T Shirt 

You can’t go wrong with a t-shirt for a day at Magic Kingdom or any of the parks whatever time of year you are visiting. 

Although plain t-shirts are fine for whichever Disney World Park you are going to. However I personally prefer to wear a T Shirt that is themed to characters that you can meet in the parks.

In other parks I love to theme my outfit to the unique meets and greets for instance my favorite Epcot outfit is Frozen themed while I love to dress in star wars outfits for Hollywood Studios.

But my favorite thing about the Magic Kingdom is that it is full of the classic Disney characters in their classic clothes i.e. Mickey and Minnie Mouse but it is also home to the most princesses.

Therefore I love to have a t shirt relating to the World’s favorite mouse like this 

Or picking my favorite Disney princess to dress as (spoiler alert it is Belle or Rapunzel). 

Alternatively you can never go wrong with a spirit jersey if you are visiting in Winter or a t shirt with the beautiful Magic Kingdom castle on. 

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Sunglasses are a must when you are traveling to any Disney World Park. Do not underestimate how strong the sun can be and be sure to pack sunglasses in your Walt Disney World day pack. 

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What to wear to Magic Kingdom as a Man

There really isn’t much of a difference between what to wear for a man or woman at Magic Kingdom.

Again we recommend 

  • Quick Dry shorts 
  • Magic Kingdom themed t shirts or those featuring Mickey or Minnie Mouse or one of the Disney Princesses.

What are the best Magic Kingdom Outfits for Kids 

My kids love to dress up as their favorite characters at all of the parks. However their favorite place to dress up as characters is of course Magic Kingdom. 

My daughter is princess obsessed so she loves to dress up as her favorite princess. In fact we usually have a spare dress in our day pack for Disney if we are aiming to meet more than one princess that day so she can dress up to meet them. 

It is worth noting that if you forget to bring costumes with you to Disney World they are available in the shops but they will be more expensive than buying them online or at Target before you travel. 

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However if your kids don’t like to dress up or you are visiting Walt Disney World in August or one of the other summer months then you could opt for a themed T shirt.

My son is a huge Mickey Mouse ClubHouse fan and adores his Mickey Mouse T Shirts and the characters love it when they see their face of attire so you will be sure to have a great character interaction. 

If you do go for the T Shirt option, we again recommend getting some quick dry shorts for children who are going on Splash Mountain or lots of rides. 

The Best Shoes for Magic Kingdom for kids I think are crocs as they are 

  • comfortable for long days of walking, 
  • Will dry quickly if they get wet on Splash Mountain
  • Available with great Disney theming

Best Family Magic Kingdom Outfits

If you like to having matching family magic kingdom outfits then there are loads of Disney vacation t shirts available and usually feature the Mickey ears which are absolutely perfect for your day in the Magic Kingdom. 

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Best Magic Kingdom Disneybounding ideas

Disneybounding for those that don’t know is a way for adults who aren’t allowed to wear costumes to pay homage to their favorite characters (for more on the Disneybounding rules click here). 

If you want to do a Magic Kingdom Disneybound you are really spoilt for choice. You have all of the classic characters i.e. you could do a Mickey Disneybound or even a Minnie Disney bound or other great magic kingdom disneybounding ideas have to come from the princesses. 

Really the Disneybounding possibilities at the Magic Kingdom are endless. For more Disneybounding ideas click here. 

FAQS About What to Bring to Magic Kingdom

What are the best Ears for Magic Kingdom?

Mickey ears should be top of your what to bring to Magic Kingdom list. If you are looking for the best ears for Magic Kingdom then I really don’t think you can co wrong with the classic Mickey or Minnie ears as Magic Kingdom is really their true home in my opinion. 

Alternatively you could pack ears that match your favorite princess. 

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What else to bring to Magic Kingdom

At the Magic Kingdom you will definitely need a Disney day pack. One of my favorite bags is the classic and super collectible Loungefly bags. I like the ones that feature the castle but there are so many to choose from. 

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What did you wear to the Magic Kingdom? We’d love for you to let us know in the comments