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What to Wear to Disney over 40

What to Wear to Disney over 40

Wondering what to wear to Disney over 40? In this guide we round up what you should pack for visiting the Disney Parks overs 40 alongside some of our favorite outfits for Disney.

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What to Wear to Disney over 40 – the rules

Now in my opinion being over 40 shouldn’t affect how you dress for Disney too much. Being over 40 doesn’t stop the fun and shouldn’t alter what you want to wear. Therefore my number one tip for dressing at Disney for any age is be you and make sure you feel comfortable. Just because you are over 40 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be wearing great themed clothing or partaking in a day of disney bounding.

However there is one Disney World Dress Code rule that you do need to remember if you are over 40 and that is

DO NOT WEAR COSTUMES. Wearing a costume as an adult at Disney is firmly against the Disneyland Dress Code requirements. This isn’t just applicable to over 40s but to anyone over the age of 12 or 14 dependent on the parks.

Of course there are exceptions to the rule which is at the Halloween parties such as the Oogie Boogie bash and Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party (for more specific rules on these check out out posts on what to wear to Disneyland in October and what to wear to Disney World in October).

However other than that there are no rules that are specific to over 40s visiting Disney.

Cute Disney Outfits for over 40s


Now I know leggings can be a love em or hate them wardrobe item. However leggings are a great pick for all the parks. They are stretchy and flexible with means it is easy to manoeuvre on and off rides in and can be paired with lots of different styles of tops.

If you are traveling to Disney World Plus Sized or Disneyland Plus Sized and over 40 be sure to check out this post which details the best things to wear.

Any pair of leggings will do, including just a regular pair of black leggings however you could also pick something with a Disney theme if you want to have a cute themed outfit.

There are lots of leggings available with a disney theming especially if you are planning to visit around the time of Run Disney.

Or you could pick something like fish scale leggings which are very popular to put together an Ariel Disney bound.

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For more ideas on how to theme your ideas to the park you are going to check out these posts:

T Shirt

Now although you can’t wear costumes to Disney over 40 you can still Disneyfy your outfit. My favourite way to Disneyfy my outfit is with a themed t shirt.

Now I would recommend picking the t shirt based on either your favourite character, a meet and greet or character dining you are doing or based on rides on the park.

But if you want a Disney theme t shirt that works everywhere you can’t go wrong with something with Mickey or Minnie Mouse on.

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Layers are really important if you plan to stay in the parks from rope drop until close. Although Florida is almost year round good weather it can be chilly when waiting around for the evening entertainment and the parks in California can get cold at night and in winter.

And Disneyland Paris can be chilly whatever time you visit. Therefore layers are very handy to take with you into the parks but especially in the winter.

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Now if you are going to one of the warmer parks and traveling during the Summer you may want to consider shorts.

We love these shorts

Because they are quick dry which makes them perfect for those going on rides where you will get wet i.e. Splash Mountain, Kali River Run or Grizzly Gulch or if you get caught in a Florida rain storm which there are many depending on what time of year you are visiting..

I also love these shorts because they are also a bit longer which may be more comfortable.

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Skirt or Dress

If you prefer a skirt or dress then I would recommend going for something a bit longer in length. Some of the rides are difficult to be graceful in getting on and off. Therefore something that isn’t mini will help preserve your dignity.

If you are plus size and considering wearing a skirt or dress you might want to consider putting a pair of anti chaffing shorts underneath or using an anti chafe product such as Chub Rub.


No matter your age no cute Disney outfit is complete without a set of Disney Ears. Again these are easy to theme based on the park you are going to but in my opinion you can never go wrong with classic mouse ears.

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Vacation T Shirts

If you are traveling to Disney over 40 as part of a large family vacation then you should getting cute matching Disney vacation T Shirts.

There are plenty available and are themed to parks and characters but we love a standard Mickey one.

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Best Shoes for Over 40s at Disney

Shoes are the most important part of any Disney outfit as they can make or break your day. Sore feet and blisters will definitely ruin your day.

In our opinion the best shoes for over 40s at Disney have to be sneakers. They are versatile, comfortable, and designed to be walked long distances in.

We tend to pick all Birds, Go Walks by Sketchers or Toms but pick whatever you are most comfortable in.

If you do decide to buy new shoes for Disney then be sure you bed them in before you go to prevent blisters. And it is always worth having bandaids and blister relief in your Disney day pack.

Can you Disney Bound over 40?

Of course you can Disney bound over 40. DIsneybounding is for anyone and you can style the outfit in any way you feel comfortable.

Check out some of our Disneybound ideas here

What Else to Pack for Disney Over 40

It is also worth remembering whatever age you are traveling to Disney you won’t be spending every minute in the parks.

You will also want to visit some beaches, the space centre, Universal Studios and Seaworld or maybe just have a day chilling at your hotel.

Be sure that things you pack can be reused on other non Disney days of your vacation.

What to Pack for Disney in Winter

If you are traveling to Disney for Winter no matter what park you are at the trick to your Disney outfit is layers, layers and more layers.

Have you been to Disney over 40? What did you wear? Leave a comment and let us know below.